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1 BACL’s Got Talent Political Champions

2 Introduction 1.Background 2.‘What I stand for’ 3.Plans

3 Background Proudly married with 3 grown-up children Southall resident since 1972 Entry into politics was driven by the desire to provide a voice for the community Ealing Councillor since 1982 Held various local government positions including: –Chair of Housing –Deputy Leader of the Council –Cabinet Member for Environment Improvement –Chair of Recycling and Waste –Mayor of Ealing Why do I want to become the Ealing Southall MP?

4 ‘What I stand for and why’ My political priorities: Healthcare –Private vs. NHS –Ealing hospital services in danger Services for the elderly –Pensioners suffering acute poverty due to linkage with the RPI Reduction of crime –Personal tragedy of the victims –Less crime = better quality of life

5 Plans How I intend to delivery on my priorities: Healthcare –Raise public awareness –Gain professional support Services for the elderly –Back the drive to link state pension with the Earnings Index Reduction of crime –Campaign for more police (‘bobbies’) –Less administrative constraints –Punishment that fits the crime How you can help: Take ownership – make it your own Thought leadership Raise funds

6 …and finally Evidence that G Singh is not averse to getting his hand dirty (albeit with gloves on)

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