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POLITICS and RURAL HEALTH Why be involved in the Legislative Process?

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1 POLITICS and RURAL HEALTH Why be involved in the Legislative Process?


3 The General Assembly controls Budgets, Pay, Programs and Regulations Health Care and Politics are intertwined Health Care and Politics a continually evolving process POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

4 Why do Public Health and Medical Professionals stay out of Politics? Medicine and Public Health Professionals like Facts, Evidence and Science POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

5 Politics is messy science and evidence no matter how compelling may not win the debate Cigarette Tax Seat Belt and Helmet Laws POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

6 BECOMING AN ADVOCATE Best to start in a non-crisis or during a Campaign Start with your Representative or Senator When elected officials see you, they see 20 people Use the Power of the Pack – SCPHA, SCHA, SCMA, SCRHA POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

7 BE Prepared KNOW Legislators KNOW Your Topic KNOW The Process KNOW The Rules KNOW The Opposition POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

8 Use the Tools Legislative Manual Calendar Journals SC State House On Line POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

9 124 Members of the House 46 Members of the Senate Over 6,000 Bills Introduced POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

10 Choosing a Champion Speaker President of the Senate Committee Chairs Individual Member with Expertise Caucus Leaders POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

11 Make an appointment Be on time Expect 10 minutes or less to make your point Briefing Sheets with no more than 3 points Follow-up with staff Note of thanks with your points POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

12 NEVER Threaten NEVER Close the door on future conversations NEVER Mislead POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

13 Give Awards Write Letters to the Editor News Articles POLITICS AND RURAL HEALTH

14 Further Recommendations: Be Aware of Opportunity (or create it!) Gain Traction Where You Can Make Their Priorities Your Priorities Be a Voice of One!


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