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Preparation for the Summer GCSE DT: Graphic Products Exam: The first question in the exam (Section A) will be a design task on the theme given in the.

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2 Preparation for the Summer GCSE DT: Graphic Products Exam: The first question in the exam (Section A) will be a design task on the theme given in the ‘Preliminary Materials’ information issued by AQA in March. The rest of the exam (Section B) will have questions relating to general subject theory. The purpose of this presentation is to help you revise the things that you are likely to need to know. 2014 EXAM DATE: WEDNESDAY 11 TH JUNE. Highly recommended additional revision resources on the web: ‘’ ‘’:

3 Glossary of Key DT – Graphic Products Terms: Alignment of text – Anthropometrics – Batch production – Biodegradable – Brand Name – Carbon Fibre – Color Separation – Comb Binding – Complementary Colours – Constructions Lines – Contrast – Copyright – Corporate Identity – Corrugation – Crash Lock – Crating – Creasing Bar – Cultures – Die Cutter – Dimensions – Disassembly – where text is positioned within a column. data relating to measurements of the human body. a limited number of products produced at any one time. organic substances that break down naturally over time. name of a product/company/organisation. a very strong and light material used to reinforce. method of separating out four process colours prior to printing. method used to bind pages into a book using plastic spines. colours that balance well, e.g. purple and orange. fine lines that usually provide a grid for drawings. when one colour stands out against another e.g. black and white. the right of companies to control the reproduction of their designs. visual representation of company/organisation, usually a logo. flat layers of outer material sandwiching an inner rippled material carton that can be assembled and collapsed using‘tuck in’ feature. construction lines forming a box to help sketch a 3D object. a metal bar on a machine which creates a fold in the material. society, traditions and customs of people. metal cutter, like a pastry cutter, that cuts the outline of a shape. measurements, e.g. length, width, height. analysing each part of a product.

4 Eco-footprint – Elevation – Ellipse – Embossing – Emulsion – Encapsulation – Environment – EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) – Ergonomics – Exploded View – Flow chart – Font – French Curve – Function – Fusion – Gantt chart – Geometric – Graphite – Hexagon – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – Holographic – Horizon – a measure of human demand on Earth’s natural resources. a plan, side or front view on a drawing. a shape representing an oval. raises or indents selected areas of a design. a water-based paint that usually has a matt finish. to enclose something completely in two layers of plastic film. our surroundings, all the external factors influencing life. a computer system that scans bar codes. use of scientific information to design products that ‘fit’ intended user. a drawing showing separate parts of an object. a series of tasks shown in different action boxes to plan work. a designed set of lettering. designed to help drawing curves. the need and end use of a product. where dots and colour blend together to appear another colour. a chart that helps plan tasks and deadline dates. shape with sides of equal angles. lead in pencils. geometric shape with six sides. hard plastic used for buckets, pipes, etc. layers of metallic foil showing a 3D pattern effect. where the sky meets the ground in the distance.

5 Hue – Ideogram – Injection Moulding – Isometric Projection – Justified Text – Kerning – Kitemark – Lamination – Laser Cutter – Linear – Lithography – Logo – Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) – Mass Production – Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF) – Non-Biodegradable – Non-Renewable Energy – Octagon – Parallelogram – Patent – Pentagon – Perspective – the tone/shade of a colour. a symbol or graphical character used to represent an idea or thing. how plastics are injected into a mould to make a shape. 30 degree angled, scaled 3D drawing. text that is spaced so that it is aligned with both margins. spacing of letters to make them more evenly spread. issued by British Standards Institute as symbol of quality. bonding together thin layers of materials to form composite material. computer controlled device that cuts material using a laser beam. movement in one direction. four colour printing process. symbol, sign or emblem which identifies and promote a company/organisation. soft plastic used for carrier bags, film, etc. manufacturing products in large quantities. hard board made of compressed wood fibres. items that don’t rot, break down, decompose naturally. fossil fuels, e.g. oil, gas, that don’t regenerate. geometric shape with eight sides. a slanting rectangle/oblong, also known as a rhombus. legal right to make a product that no one else can copy. five-sided geometric shape. 3D drawing with vanishing points.

6 Phosphorescent – Photochromic – Pigments – Planometric – Polygon – Polypropylene (PP) – Polystyrene (PS) – Poly-Vinyl Acetate (PVA) – Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) – Primary Colours – ProDesktop – Propelling Pencil – Proportion – Prototype – Protractor – Ratio – Recyclable – Rendering – Renewable energy – Sans Serif – Schematic Map – Secondary Colours – a ‘glow in the dark’ fluorescent material. material that changes colour in response to light intensity. colour added to plastic. 3D drawing at 45 degree angles. geometric shape with three or more sides. commonly used plastic used for household products. low density plastic used for absorbing shock in packaging. white adhesive suitable for wood and card. plastics used for bottles and blister packs. colours that can’t be made from others – red, yellow, blue. 3D drawing software application. mechanical lead pencil. to keep shape in proportion means not distorting it. model made to test, find faults and amend before production starts. used to measure angles. mathematical term for scale. product that can be reused as it is or regenerated in some other form. use tone and colour to create a realistic drawing of an object. will not run out. letters without extra strokes on the ends of stems. shows directions using graphic symbols. produced by mixing two primary colours.

7 Set Square – SMART Materials – Solar – Specification – Styrofoam – Sustainability – Target Market – Texture – Thermochromic – Thermoplastics – Thermosetting Plastics – Three Dimensions (3D) – Tone – Trademark – Transparent – Tuck-In – Typesetting – Typography – UV Varnishing – Vacuum Forming – Virtual Reality – Working Drawing – used for drawing isometric drawing. respond to changes in their environment. using the sun’s radiation as a source of energy. detailed description of design requirements for a product. light foam material suitable for modelling and packaging. meeting human needs without depleting natural resources. who the product is being designed for. surface pattern or decoration. materials that change colour according to temperature. can be reheated and remoulded. can’t be reheated and moulded. showing three sides of an object in a drawing. shown using shading to describe areas of light, dark and inbetween. brand name or symbol used by a product/service. clear/see-through material. a tab on box used to hold lid shut. arranging text for printing either mechanically or electronically. the art of letterform/font design. high gloss finish applied to a selected printed area (the ‘spot’). heating plastic to stretch over mould, using vacuum to remove air. an electronically generated life-like model of objects. 2D scaled drawing, also known as orthographic projection.

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