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Lancing Sailing Club “You have to be rich to go sailing.” “Really?” How much does it really cost…

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1 Lancing Sailing Club “You have to be rich to go sailing.” “Really?” How much does it really cost…

2 If you can’t sail… Sailing a boat is like driving a car. You can’t improvise. The quickest way to learn is to take lessons. Here are a few examples of prices in local training centres. These prices are only indicative. Some training centres might be more expensive but offer a wider range of services. Once you’ve mastered the basics, your local club will usually provide further training. CentreCost Lagoon Watersports Lagoon Watersports (Hove & Brighton)Adult: £199 Junior: £135 SouthwatersportsAdult: £159 Junior: £115 Ardingly Activities CentreFrom £186

3 Join a club Joining a club has many advantages. It’s a convenient place to keep a boat, have a shower after sailing, etc. You get to meet other sailors, you take part in training and racing days as well as the social events. Sailing clubs attract people from all walks of life, joined together by a common passion. Here, at Lancing Sailing Club, families and children are the majority of our membership and they all enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Local clubFamily membership (2011) Lancing Sailing Club£130 Brighton Sailing Club£120 plus £25 per family member Adur Sailing Club (Shoreham)£150 Shoreham Sailing Club£160 Worthing Sailing Club£200

4 If you want to get a boat Locally, some sailing clubs offer boats to borrow (2 in Lancing) but, after an initial trial period, you will want your own boat. Non-sailors start running away in despair but second-hand sailing dinghies are not as expensive as it seems. A serviceable Laser costs from £700 and decent second-hand Toppers start at £400. Boat space fees start at £54 per year at Lancing and insurance is about £35 per year. Once you’re more confident, you can upgrade to newer fittings at a reasonable cost. Ask the fleet captain at your club or the Class Association for advice. Depreciation in second-hand dinghies is minimal and many sailors have sold their boat for more than they bought it! To buy a boat, ask club members, contact the class association and have a look at the sheet “Where to buy a used sailboat”, included in the welcome package.

5 Clothing A few “must-have” to start with, then you can improve your wardrobe according to your tastes, your needs and how often you sail. Buoyancy aid Not a lifejacket, it won’t limit movements while sailing. Wearing a buoyancy aid at sea is compulsory in many clubs. Prices start at £25 (junior) and £30 (adult). Wetsuit In the UK, the water temperature remains fairly low even in the summer and you need to keep warm. Entry price wetsuits (from £25) are widely available in supermarkets and in local watersports stores. Wear a swimming costume under your wetsuit and perhaps a rash vest, to prevent chafing. Shoes Old trainers are OK to start with but take a while to dry. They can also be slippery when wet. Neoprene beach shoes are easily affordable (from £5 for children, £8 for adults) and protect your feet on the beach and in the water.

6 Finally… Despite appearances, dinghy sailing is not an expensive sport to take on. Of course, the initial investment in lessons, boat, etc. can sound daunting but you will be acquiring a life skill, meeting passionate people and gaining a better – and sometimes very close – knowledge of the sea. After all, 70% of the planet is covered with water. Time to go play!

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