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WIN Steps Excuses, excuses. What keeps you from being more active?

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1 WIN Steps Excuses, excuses

2 What keeps you from being more active?

3 Slide 6 Slide 4 Slide 8 Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 10 Slide 9 Slide 14 Slide 15Slide 7 Slide 13 Slide 5 Excuses, excuses

4 I do not have time! Excuses, excuses It only takes a minute to start (it all counts!) Be productive at the same time Turn off the tube

5 I can not afford a club or the equipment! Excuses, excuses Walking is free Change how you do everyday tasks Household equipment (filled jugs, rope, can rubber bands)

6 I hate it, exercise is boring! Excuses, excuses Recapture the zest of joyful play Change the “E” word to enjoyment The best activity is the one you do! Variety is key

7 I am too old. Excuses, excuses Can reduce the risk of falling Help maintain an independent lifestyle Improve ability to perform every day tasks

8 I am too tired. Excuses, excuses It boosts your energy! You feel better all day! The best argument FOR being active!

9 I get sore. I could get hurt! Excuses, excuses No pain, no gain is a myth Medical concerns, contact a healthcare provider Gradually increase

10 I am too fat! Excuses, excuses Fitness is important indicator of health Water aerobics are gentle to the body Physical activity & healthful food choices can help stabilize weight

11 None of my friends exercise. Excuses, excuses Urge friends & family to join you Help yourself and others (pets too) Need support from family & friends

12 I do not like to sweat! Excuses, excuses Select breathable, loose clothing Shower after strenuous activities Try swimming or water aerobics

13 I do not have the right clothes. Excuses, excuses Good shoes are a great investment in you Find appropriate support garments Comfort over fashion

14 It is too cold outside! Excuses, excuses Wear outdoor gear Warm up first Find indoor equipment

15 I have kids! Excuses, excuses Ask friends & family to help Use nap time Do activities together

16 Developed by Mary Kay Wardlaw Excuses, excuses: A Lesson of WIN Steps Project Education Specialist WIN the Rockies

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