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A Teacher Training Power Point by D&T Within Schools ®

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1 A Teacher Training Power Point by D&T Within Schools ®

2 Using You Tube in lessons Some hints about how to make the best of this resource in your lessons – things to do and things to definitely avoid D&T Within Schools 2013

3 Why use it anyway? You don’t have to go through the process of organising a school trip for students to experience new and wonderful things Video clips can be repeated if necessary to cover essential topics Makes revision easier Pupils can experience technology not available in the school Makes demonstrations easier All can see clearly You have more control of situation Your own narration can be added if you want– play with no sound Students can use for their own self motivated learning Work can be differentiated more easily Worksheets can be produced to enhance the educational value of the clips

4 What to Check Before Using Clips View the whole clip to ensure it is suitable for the age and ability range of the pupils who will view it What will they learn from the clip and how will you know that they have been successful in this? Would it be suitable to produce a worksheet or quiz to enhance or stretch their learning and understanding? The length – no longer than 10:00:00, better just a few minutes Is it up-to-date, or is it aged by what people are wearing, cars etc? Does the presenter put the topic over in an interesting way? Are there any students who may find the clip distressing due to their own personal circumstances, or those of family or friends? Always cut and paste links – don’t type them. One Character difference and you’ve got a completely different clip – Oh dear!

5 Technical Issues Does the teaching room have reliable access to the Internet? Will you be using a monitor or projector? What you see on your laptop may not be how it comes over on a screen Sometimes advertising appears unexpectedly in clips – usually very near the start of the clip – best to be able to control this by being near your computer- advertising shows as yellow on the red time line What is plan B if Internet is not working or link to clip won’t work? If I.T. is not your strong point get help from a colleague or I.T. technician – helpful students, sometimes aren’t and you have a bigger problem

6 Linking Straight to You Tube Typical start page from You Tube if you log into You Tube 1.Advertising banner at top – anything could be in here 2.Clip that a lot of people are viewing – might need to be avoided to prevent embarrassment 3.More popular clips that could be anything 4.Clips that You Tube thinks you might like based on past history of searches 1 2 3 4

7 Using a direct URL link Typical page from a direct URL link 1.The link will start automatically and there may be a short advert at the beginning (yellow sections on the time bar indicate an advert) 2.A brief description of the clip 3.Comments area – anyone can add anything they like here 4.Clips that You Tube thinks you might like based on past history of searches 1 2 3 4

8 Using a direct URL link For reasons listed on previous two slides avoid letting students see any of this It will:- prevent laughter and giggles from them save you and students embarrassment ensure you remain in total control – no unexpected surprises keep a professional tone to the lesson show that you are professional in your pedagogy

9 Producing a Smooth Viewing Prior to start of lesson:- Load clip and run until any trailer adverts have gone Stop video clip Enlarge to full screen to avoid the unwanted bits as seen previously Press play when ready to start clip At end of clip it will automatically default to clips you may find of interest – best to stop before this This is why it’s essential to view clip before use The red time line shows the progress of the clip and on the black bar is the length of the clip and how long it has been played for

10 Other Useful Tips 1.You can skip bits by dragging the white circle on the end of the red time line to the right or conversely go back to view again by dragging to left 2.The grey line shows how much has been downloaded – ideally this needs to be some way in front of the red line otherwise the footage may freeze until it catches up 3.Pictures appear as you drag the white circle along the bar to show you where you are in the clip. 2 3 1

11 …and Finally Remember : You are still responsible for students working safely in workshops and D&T areas – demonstrations in the clips don’t take away this responsibility from you the person providing the safeguarding in your lesson To use clips wisely, not just for the sake of it You are responsible for what you show the students DWS © D&T Within Schools 2013

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