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Translation & Interpretation: A Guide to Services.

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1 Translation & Interpretation: A Guide to Services

2 Where to find us online:

3 Our website provides: A clearing house of language resources where all requests for translation and interpretation service are submitted and processed. A central distribution system for: All translated documents from District offices and schools Multilingual materials that are useful in schools with sizable non-English speaking populations

4 Looking for a translated document? Most translated documents related to current or ongoing events are presorted and presented on the T&I home page in the format below:

5 Another example Simply click on the title and it will bring you to a page where all the translated documents for that subject are listed:

6 Looking for something that is not current? No Problem, click on the calendar! Click

7 The panic button

8 Submitting a request for translation or interpretation…

9 or…

10 Before you make a request, please note: “Translation” refers to written documents “Interpretation” refers to spoken language We do not provide sign language service For sign language service, submit a request at: or contact Alton Strange at 215-400-5666


12 A useful tool in absence of a translator or interpreter The format: Bilingual templates are preformatted documents in English and an intended language that are designed to complete the non-English side when the English side is filled out. The drill: To create a completed document in the non-English language simply complete the English side of the template by filling in the blanks or checking off appropriate boxes.

13 Real life applications… Problem: There is always a shortage of bilingual staff during report card conferences. Solution: We have developed various tools to help you communicate with non-English speaking parents during these periods throughout the school year. They include: Bilingual templates Bilingually formatted documents

14 Attention… This collection of documents will appear on the T & I home page before and during every report card conference cycle

15 Sending home vital information about a student in another language Featuring Bilingual template for report card cover letter – create the letter in the intended language by completing the English side of the template Report comments in a side-by-side bilingual format – complete the evaluation by checking off the appropriate items on the list in the middle Report card templates in the intended language – blank versions of an official report card in the intended languages to help non-English speaking parents understand the official report card sent home

16 Year-round favorites Click on the icons below this banner at the bottom of the T & I home page for most frequently sought after documents such as the Code of Student Conduct in multiple languages.

17 Other special features School Portals: We have set up a page for every school where school-specific documents in multiple languages are listed (That means everyone from a school has access to the documents related to the school, 24/7) School Nurse Corner: Link to a page where all translated medical forms are listed Online bullying report forms in 9 languages

18 Extra, extra… Printable posters!

19 …and more Multimedia materials that convey important District policies!

20 We are the world… Nine content-rich language websites

21 Keep yourself informed of the latest development Add your name and contact information to our ever growing subscription list for information updates!

22 Finally… As always, we welcome your feedback! You can write to us by clicking the icon below throughout the website


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