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DV Module 3 Benefits. Overview State Specific Module 3 Components Step Numbers Rules Documents Validation Definitions Comments.

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1 DV Module 3 Benefits

2 Overview State Specific Module 3 Components Step Numbers Rules Documents Validation Definitions Comments

3 State Specific Each state has its own Module 3 This manual contains the names of state- specific screens or documents the validator needs to look at when validating data elements in the samples and the rules that must be applied to determine the accuracy of each element Each state is responsible for reviewing their Module 3 each validation year to make sure it’s up to date

4 Module 3 Components Steps Substeps Rule(s) Document(s) Validation Federal Definition State Definitional Issues State Comments **Green text is DOL maintained components and Blue text is state maintained components

5 Getting started Module 3 is maintained and kept at the National Office Obtain access to the National Office Database Login using the link on the State Menu –You can have read or read and write access Select your Organization and enter your assigned username and password

6 Log on Issues Your Module 3 password expires after 56 days. Reset your password at DOL’s main DV site: dv before the 56 days dv Sometimes cookies need to be cleared if access is slow


8 Before Editing Before you can edit the current version, you must “publish” it. Go to Preview Enter a comment… it is required Then Publish Then edit it

9 Generic Components Steps Substeps Rules Federal Definitions

10 State Specific Components Document names –screens or path names Validation –fields and values from state database State Definitional Issues State Comments Update when ever there are system changes

11 The top of the screen allows for changes to comments and definitional issues:

12 The bottom portion allows you to edit the documents and the validation criteria. You can also add more documents. More documents can be added when the validation can be done on more than one “document” or if more than one “document” is required to perform the validation.

13 Step Numbers Step numbers are related to columns (data elements) for each sub-population defined in Appendix A

14 Step Numbers …and to each data element in a sample

15 Step Numbers These are not related to the order in which things need to be done. You do not always need to complete Step 1 and then do Step 2, followed by Step 3… Instead, the validator will validate each data element in the sample, in the order they appear on the worksheet, referring to the step number located on the column header. The step number is used to locate information in Module 3 pertaining to that element.

16 Example: Using Step Numbers When validating SSN in Sample 300 Look for Step 1B in Benefits Module 3

17 Step Numbers Some steps have substeps organized by letters. For example, in Step 3C, 3 is the step and C is the substep. To locate information on a data element use the step number and look it up in Module 3

18 Example: Using Step Numbers Use this criteria to validate the data element Document or Screen to look up

19 Missing Step Numbers Not all populations use every step number Step numbers that are not needed for the population are not listed on Appendix A or the sample screens

20 Missing Step Numbers There are some step numbers that are totally missing in Module 3. (e.g. Steps 15, 22, 29 and 43) This is due to changes in the program Easier to skip the step number than renumber all the steps.

21 Rules States cannot change Same for every State Written by DOL Indicates the purpose A single step may have many rules

22 Documents Identify the document or screen name that contains the information associated with the rule Different for every State More than one document or screen name can be indicated when multiple documents are required to validate a rule

23 Validation These are the instructions that the validator should follow to verify the accuracy of the data element Different for every State For example, it can specify what value should be found in that field –e.g. The field TRAN should have the code AC

24 State Comments Enter additional comments that will help others verify the information for this Step number on the Data Validation worksheet Different for every State If your state is not able to validate this step, mention it here

25 Federal Definitions Written by DOL Same for every State Can’t change them These are mainly taken from Handbook 401

26 State Definitional Issues Document issues your state has with applying the definition – if any Different for every State Document how your state applies this definition – if needed

27 In Review State Specific Step Numbers –Sub steps Rules Documents Validations Definitions Comments

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