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Introduction to Visual Arts

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1 Introduction to Visual Arts
Visual Arts: unique expressions of ideas, beliefs, experiences, and feelings presented in well-designed visual forms.

2 Purpose of Visual Art Ceremonial – ritual, celebration, artworks created to support worship ceremonies Artistic Expression – artwork to express or communicate emotions, ideas, feeling, (for self-expression, to decorate or beautify objects

3 Purpose of Visual Art Continued
Narrative – artworks that tell stories, describe and illustrate experiences, or communicate information, art to document important or historical events (Lange’s photography of the Depression Era) Functional – artistic objects used in everyday life (pottery, quilts, baskets, etc.)

4 Purpose of Visual Art Continued
Persuasive – artworks that promote ideas, philosophies, or products ( advertising, marketing, propaganda, ideology, etc.)

5 Various Works of Art


7 Ralph Goings

8 Richard Estes

9 Nancy Graves

10 William de Kooning

11 Constantin Brancusi

12 Anne Geddes

13 Forms of Visual Arts Fine Arts: painting, sculpture, and architecture
Applied Arts: design or decoration of functional objects to make them appealing


15 Why Art is Created Aesthetics: art created for visual appeal
Splatter paintings

16 Cont’d Morals/Ethics: art depicting people and behaviors that are considered good and noble The Attentive Nurse


18 Cont’d Spirituality: Art that enables people to connect to the spirit world OR tell stories associated with religious beliefs , The Last Supper


20 Cont’d History – artworks that provide valuable information about important people, places, and events Guernica


22 Cont’d Politics: Art used as a tool of persuasion or propaganda to convince people to adopt a certain point of view or enhance power of a ruler Napoleon in His Study

23 Places for Art Museums Library Internet Malls Office buildings Schools
Artist may exhibit their work at any of the above mentioned locations

24 Journal Writing Please Write the Prompt
“Art is more popular today than ever before.” Why do you agree or disagree with this claim? ---support your answer---

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