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The Visual Arts Music Literature, & Poetry Dance & Theatre (Drama) Fine Arts.

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1 The Visual Arts Music Literature, & Poetry Dance & Theatre (Drama) Fine Arts

2 Terminology 1.Visual arts- Means by which people (past & present) express themselves in unique sights and sounds that capture the interest, imagination, and appreciation of others. 2. Fine arts- Painting, sculpture, and *architecture—arts which have no practical function and are valued in terms of visual pleasure and successful communication

3 Terminology 3. Applied arts- Design or decoration of functional objects to make them more pleasing to the eye. Made either by hand or machine are primarily intended to serve a useful function. (Architecture) 4. Art—a universal language. Every piece of art reflects the time and place in which it was created.

4 Why Art? Aesthetic- that which is pleasing or beautiful – a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste with the creation and appreciation of beauty. What do artists create? – Ideas and dreams – Expressions of emotions – Specific reason or purpose in their work What do artist not create? – Profanity, pornography, or hate mongering

5 Why Art? Freedom of expression – Within reason and with taste toward culture and information – Uplift human nature not debase, degrade – Appropriate for school setting. Why do artists create? – Communication- symbolism and storytelling – Meaning and value—expression – Usefulness or to aid in function

6 Romare Bearden Romare Bearden, Tomorrow I May Be Far Away, 1966/1967

7 Arts are a universal language; artist have portrayed their world and expressed their dreams, ideas, and feelings through their art. Girl with a Pearl Earring Jan Vermeer. c1665-1667 Oil on canvas 18 ¼ X 15 ¼ Royal Cabinet of Paintings, Maurishuis, The Hague, The Netherlands.

8 Tonya Melton Photography (Example Site) Design and artistic elements are also found in photography. Its more than snapping a picture, it is creating a composition.

9 Pottery Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) Civilization? Culture? Celebrate birth & death Economics Government Social laws and customs Religion


11 Music Expression through a variety of musical forms, instruments and patterns. Poetry with musical expression. Universal language. Visual experience.

12 Expressing Music Making your own music Africa Solvina Choir Pertummn Jazzile

13 Why is art created? 1.Aesthetics 2.Morals/Ethics 3.Spirituality 4.History 5.Politics

14 Written Response On the following 9 slides of art work, you are to write a summary response for each slide by applying the information you have learned about art, what artist create, why they create, and the meanings we should receive from viewing art. Write so that the teacher can read what is written, or it will count off. Number the work (slide) and write its title. Record your summary using 3 to 5 complete sentences as to your individual response to the message communicated from each of the works, explaining why you like/dislike the work and how the artist communicated the message, along with a short explanation of what the message meant to you personally. Put your name and the date on each page if you use more than one sheet of paper. Staple the pages together and turn it in on or before the deadline.

15 Feeds the Soul

16 Evokes Emotion

17 Communicates Beliefs & Values

18 Stimulates the Imagination

19 Illustrates Meaning

20 To Inform

21 Changes Our Perspective

22 Meditate & Think

23 Inspires Us

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