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An Inspector Calls Act II lesson 1.

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1 An Inspector Calls Act II lesson 1

2 1. Who is who in this scene from Act 1. Label the
1. Who is who in this scene from Act 1? Label the characters and describe them each in 3 words. 2. Find the quotation from this moment in the play and write it down. 3. What moods are created for an audience in this scene?


4 Timeline Task Create a timeline of events from Act One

5 Act Two: Questions to consider when reading – 27-40
Inspector Goole What is mysterious about the Inspector? How does the Inspector continue to be powerful? Sheila How does Sheila’s character feel in this scene? To what extent does Priestley present Sheila as a positive role model or a source of hope? Gerald What is Gerald’s relationship with Eva Smith? How do the audience feel about Gerald?

6 Act Two Notes Inspector Goole Sheila Gerald

7 Homework – Monday 28th January
Complete the sheet to your target grade. If you think you can move past this grade with this task then do so.

8 D C Identify three important quotations which show the power of Inspector Goole. Explain how at least one of these quotations shows that Inspector Goole is powerful in Act One. B A* Analyse the language Priestley uses to create this power in Inspector Goole’s character in Act One? Evaluate the role of Inspector Goole in Act One. To reach an A you will need to consider the different audiences in their contexts. To reach an A* you may need to be original. 8

9 Early in the scene Sheila says to her mother...
You mustn't try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl. If you do, then the Inspector will just break it down. And it will be worse when he does. Write a lot about a little

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