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Computer Applications CIS 105 Dabney Leinberger WELCOME! By

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1 Computer Applications CIS 105 Dabney Leinberger WELCOME! By

2 Agenda Curriculum Night Purpose/ScopeGradesDual CreditFirst SemesterSecond SemesterContact Information

3 Purpose – It is designed to prepare students to use the computer as a tool that will be used in their personal, professional and educational lives. Content – This course will cover keyboarding, word processing, managing databases, developing spreadsheets and delivering presentations. Now available in a blended format through the Schoolfusion website. Purpose and Content Computer Applications

4 Office Software bundle includes: Word 2007 Excel 2007 Access 2007 PowerPoint 2007 Publisher 2007 Mediator/Mindview Key codes on webpage Video Pad MT5 SAM CS5 – Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks Computer Applications Software

5 Class Work 60% Tests/Quizzes/Projects 40% Must stay in both semesters for a grade. Grades will be averaged from 1 st and 2 nd semester. First Quarter 40% Second Quarter 40% Final Exam 20% Grades

6 Dual Credit Rio Salado Community College

7 Before School 7:45-8:15 Every morning 3:15-3:45 After school Not on early release days or Fridays Designed to assist students Make-up or catch up time available Other times? Check with instructor Posted on each door Lab and Tutoring Lab Hours

8 First Semester

9 Second Semester

10 Parents Logging into the school website – Schoolfusion lets you: See your student’s calendar for homework Get to your student’s classrooms easily or teacher s Join Club and Sport pages to receive s from them School Web Site Students: See homework on Calendar and any club or sport functions Upload/download files to teacher sites to turn in work Save files from school to access at home to work on (think “cloud or no need for a flash drive” Contact teachers if they don’t have an Participate in classroom discussions online

11 Phone – Ext Grades are through the top link on the web site. Contact Information


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