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Ashley & Sophie. Herman Warden Lay 1909- 1982 Herman Warden Lay was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on June 3, 1901. His family soon moved to Greenville,

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1 Ashley & Sophie

2 Herman Warden Lay 1909- 1982

3 Herman Warden Lay was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on June 3, 1901. His family soon moved to Greenville, South Carolina where he spent his childhood. The beginning of his life-long career started with a simple Pepsi stand in his parent’s front yard, across from a ball park. Herman got more business than the ball park because he was selling his drinks for 25 cents a cup when the park was selling for 50 cents a cup. This sale marked the beginning of his success in the world of business.

4 Entering the Business World Herman Warden Lay graduated from Greenville High School in 1926 and then advanced on to Furman University. He graduated Furman and went into business sales. In 1939, with knowledge from these two schools and his business studies, H. W. Lay bought a struggling snack food company in Atlanta, Georgia and changed the name to the H.W. Lay and Co. The snack company sold potato chips and other snacks, including Fritos corn chips. With instincts of salesmanship and motivation, he successfully directed the company into national markets. This direction lead to many other founding of businesses and some multibillion dollar companies.

5 And Soon After…… -At this time, Lay decided to move to Dallas, Texas. -It was here that Lay formed Frito-Lay, Inc., a national snack and convenience food company. -In 1965, this particular company merged with PepsiCo. and H.W. Lay was named Chairman of the Board of PepsiCo., Inc. - By the time of Lay’s death in 1982, the company was a multibillion dollar settlement with holdings in 150 different countries.

6 From this…… …… to this. The picture to the right is a modernized truck that distributes the Fritos corn chips throughout America today. The picture to the left is the touring car that H. W. Lay first used to sell potato chips out of from six different routes in Atlanta, GA.

7 AND Herman Warden Lay served as director for various corporations and associations such as: -American Management Association -The First National Bank of Dallas -The Third Bank of Nashville, TN -The National Board of the American Cancer Society Herman Warden Lay also received many awards of high importance such as: -1969, recipient of the Horatio Alger Award of the Association of Distinguished Americans -1970, charter member of the Furman University Hall of Fame - 1975, Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement

8 Awards and Scholarship Herman W. Lay Memorial Award The Herman W. Lay Memorial Award was started by the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE). Every year the APEE searches for an individual who lived a very successful life, both private and business, as H. W. Lay did. To read more about the award click on this hyperlink: Herman W. Lay Scholarship Furman University offers a scholarship in the name of H.W. Lay on the basis of high school grades, essays, test scores and extracurricular activities. To read more about the scholarship offered, click on this hyperlink:

9 Interview Nation’s Business, June 1984 After Herman W. Lay’s death on December 6, 1982, his family, friends and associates gathered at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Washington to praise a living legend. They acknowledged Lay’s sense that the new generation could be harnessed in such a way that it would help shape the country without interfering with America’s fundamental institutions. “Prepare yourselves to seize power where the real power is,” he advised young people. “Go into business and be as successful as you can. Learn how the engine runs and drive it yourself.” Donald M. Kendall, who serves on the board of Chamber of Commerce, is also was also PepsiCo’s chairman at the time. Kendall remarked during the ceremony that Lay “has probably taken over by now….if there was ever a man dedicated to private enterprise and entrepreneurship, it was Herman.” Herman’s son Ward spoke up for Herman’s family and stated: “He was, by God, the best salesman that ever lived.” In a previous interview with Nation’s Business, Lay stated that young people still have the opportunity to rise as he did. “There are so many new products emerging, and even new industries,” said Lay.

10 Interview cont. Lay spent a lot of his time encouraging ventures in the young, but he told them that if a person wants a business career, “he’s going to have to make some sacrifices along the way. He will have to put more than the average amount of time and effort into his career. He has to sort of eat it and sleep it, and sometimes the family is going to have to share the sacrifices.” Herman Lay also preached that wealth and success come with a lot of responsibility. “Those who have been fortunate have to share. We have to support institutions that will preserve our way of life, our economic and business systems, and help support those less fortunate. Otherwise, everything would have to be supported by the taxpayer and managed by the government.” (Lay)

11 What We Did Ashley and Sophie both worked on creating and designing the slideshow. Ashley put together and expanded on the information from the plaque. Sophie worked on finding an interview. We both worked together on writing down the information about Lay’s work and his achievements.

12 Bibliography 1. This web site discusses the scholarship available at Furman University in H.W. Lay’s name. 2. Recot, Inc. This web site gives the background of how H.W. Lay got started, the FritoLay Company’s beginnings and his involvement in the PepsiCo Inc. 3. This web site describes the award in honor of Herman W. Lay and the company who started because of 4. This web site is a general overview of Lay’s childhood, beginnings in the business world, and his several achievements. 5. Copyright 2001, Gale Group. Thomson Corp. Company This web site provided the interview for our project. It tells where the quotes from friends and family of H.W. Lay were taken.


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