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Sarah and Allison. Raider For Life Born in Greenville, South Carolina, on August 26, 1915Born in Greenville, South Carolina, on August 26, 1915 Graduated.

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1 Sarah and Allison

2 Raider For Life Born in Greenville, South Carolina, on August 26, 1915Born in Greenville, South Carolina, on August 26, 1915 Graduated from Greenville High School in 1933Graduated from Greenville High School in 1933 Graduated from Furman University in 1937Graduated from Furman University in 1937

3 Raider for Life Loyal to Raiders and enjoyed camaraderie of his class Proud of his GHS heritage and remained active in Greenville High Activities throughout his life Very involved in charity projects and raising money

4 Samuel Francis was never married and he never had children of his own However, he was an incredible father figure to all of his nieces and nephews He also acted as a mentor to many of the young men he came in contact with when participating with the USO He would organize dinners and social activities to entertain them and take their minds off the army while they were taking breaks

5 The Jefferson Award Awarded annually to five locals who provide unselfish service to the community Samuel Francis received this award in the 1980’s for his outstanding community service

6 In 1980, Mr. Francis directed a campaign to save Sirrine Stadium Through his efforts, GHS attained Furman’s former stadium, Sirrine Stadium

7 Greenville High Alumni Association In the mid 1980’s, Mr. Francis started the Greenville High Alumni Association Together, they planned and celebrated the Centennial Anniversary of GHS

8 Greenville High Renovation Francis was also responsible for a new Greenville High Alumni Association campaign which involved refurbishing the lobby, replanting the courtyard, and renovating and renaming the auditorium after Robert Hemphill.

9 Charity Rose BallCharity Rose Ball St. Francis HospitalSt. Francis Hospital St. Mary’s Catholic ChurchSt. Mary’s Catholic Church American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross USO in WWIIUSO in WWII Mardi Gras Charity BallMardi Gras Charity Ball Rhodes BallRhodes Ball American LegionAmerican Legion S.C. Kidney FoundationS.C. Kidney Foundation Committee to RevitalizeCommittee to Revitalize The Legendary Sam Francis

10 Interview Mary Lou Howard* What would you say were Samuel Francis’ greatest accomplishments? “Sam was involved in many, many charities and organizations in Greenville. The one he was most involve with was St. Francis Hospital and the healthcare system where he was director of Public Relations and Developments for seven years. He worked with St. Francis at a time when there were still many nuns being employed as nurses there. He worked a lot with them and is partly responsible for keeping the healthcare system afloat in Greenville.” What drove Francis to be so involved with Greenville High after he graduated? “Sam was a businessman and an educator and he, himself, taught in Georgia for many years. He was proud of going to Greenville High and he wanted to give something back because so many teachers there had inspired him to go in to education. He also loved being involved with the Alumni Association.” How much difference did he make in the Alumni Association? “He was one of the founders and he thought it was extremely important. He worked very hard and at the time of his death, there was over one-hundred thousand dollars in the treasury. This was due in large part to him.”

11 Interview (cont.) Francis was also very involved with St. Mary’s school. How did he make an impact there? “He taught civics, drama, and English there. He was also choir director and taught some music. He was a devout Catholic and he was really happy with the time he spent at St. Mary’s.” Overall, what can you say about Samuel Francis? “He was a great person and like a father to me. It is a shame he never had children of his own. I know that he impacted a lot of young people’s lives in teaching, charity work, and in his own family. He had so many charitable endeavors and he was a very generous man.” *Mary Lou Howard was Samuel Francis’ niece and because he did not have any children of his own, they were very close. Mrs. Howard said that Francis was like a father to her

12 Interesting Fact While at Furman, Francis acted in a play called I Remember Mamma. He received an Oscar at the Little Theater for best supporting male actor.

13 Tribute to Samuel Francis His untimely death in 1997, prevented him from seeing GHS’ tribute, the Sam Francis Water Fountain Greenville High received the water fountain in 1998, and placed it on the front patio, just as he had requested before his death.

14 Bibliography We used this site to gather pictures and information about Greenville High. dex.asp dex.asp We found more information about Samuel Francis’ place on the Wall of Fame here.

15 Project Credit Allison- Research with Francis Family, PowerPoint design, Simulated Interview Sarah- Online research, PowerPoint information, Simulated Interview

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