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QR CODE 101 How those weird, square codes can be used in the classroom GYqxVrJN-s.

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1 QR CODE 101 How those weird, square codes can be used in the classroom GYqxVrJN-s

2  Watch this short video explaining what a QR code is  Think about how they might be used for education…  codes codes QR CODE 101

3 How do QR Codes Work?  QR codes are popular because of their ability to quickly read and hold large quantities of information.  Scan using your camera equipped device  QR code processing app  Just a quick scan and the information is on your device! QR CODE 101

4 Download the QR reader from your smart phone App store Android : try Bar Code Scanner App Desktop computer : try Qreader through Google Chrome (no camera needed), or Adobe air QR Code reader if you have a web camAdobe air QR Code reader i-nigma is my favorite QR CODE 101

5 Devices… QR CODE 101

6 Benefits of using QR Codes  Instant access to your webpage  Instant tutorials for homework help!  Students become self-directed learners at QR centers  Gets kids up and moving  Saves paper  Can be adapted to any age or content area!  Encourages communication, collaboration & critical thinking  No more writing down long URL addresses for students!  QR CODE 101

7 What kinds of information can be linked to a QR Code?  Anyone with a smartphone, iPod, tablet device, or webcam can scan QR codes.  It will usually connect you to a web page  Other types of information include: an email, photograph, document, folder/file, or text  Once the code is scanned and processed, it takes you directly to the URL on your device, or shows you whatever else was encoded in the QR code  Let’s see what types of information can be used with QR codes in schools:` QR CODE 101

8 How have I used QR codes?  QR code Bookmarks with book trailers  QR codes attached in books with book recommends  Interactive Bulletin boards  Library scavenger hunts  Non-fiction QR code field trips  http://www.thedari http://www.thedari QR CODE 101

9 QR Code Callouts

10 How can you use QR codes for communication?  Back to school night/ syllabus  Business cards  Hang outside classrooms/school  Link to your email for response  Link to survey for input  Link to drop-box  Link to text book/homework help  Link to weekly assignments  Link to test study guides  Link to an audio of the lecture/lesson  Link to newsletter  b/937420828163318143/July_25.pdf?9374Nav=|&N odeID=9258 b/937420828163318143/July_25.pdf?9374Nav=|&N odeID=9258 QR CODE 101

11 How can you use QR codes to display student learning?  Connect to on-line portfolio  Connect to on-line assessments  Connect to student made digital presentations  Connect to recordings of student performances or readings  Link to Blog/writing prompt QR CODE 101

12 How can you use QR codes to promote collaborative learning?  QR Code Centers  Group projects  Connect to Google Doc. QR CODE 101

13 How can you use QR codes for interactive bulletin boards?  About the artist/author  Extend to the outside world  Students create their own links!  Attach QR codes to physical models QR CODE 101


15 QR codes & literacy  Link to Newspaper Articles  Use QR codes for online citations  Stop & check comprehension points in book  Link to online comprehension questions, websites, or online related games for home reading  Link to online journal articles & assessment  Easy to differentiate the texts  3ae/ 3ae/ QR CODE 101

16 QR codes extend the walls of the classroom!  Virtual field trips  Museum links  Connect to web quests  Connect to videos  Easily share relevant websites  Link to Google Maps  Link to authors, artists, & other professional pages QR CODE 101

17 QR codes get kids moving!  Scavenger hunts  Post QR codes around the school  Use the library! QR CODE 101

18 Where can you find QR Codes  Don’t reinvent the wheel  Many great educational QR Codes available on-line  012/02/qr-codes-and-bottle-cap-fun.html 012/02/qr-codes-and-bottle-cap-fun.html  Treasure hunt generator  QR CODE 101

19 How can you make your own QR codes?  Making QR codes is EASY!!!  QR Droid ( )  Kaywa ( )  create QR codes by simply entering the URL of the page for which I want a QR code generated.  Qurify ( )  Create QR code to link to text  Save the QR code as a picture  Students can easily create their own! QR CODE 101

20 Using QR Codes with Students 1. Decide on your device *Ipods/ ipads, tablests, students own device, desktop 2. Find or create some QR codes to use with your lesson 3. Download a QR reader onto the device 4. Teach students what a QR code is & how use the reader 5. Teach students how to make their own! The possibilities are endless… QR CODE 101

21 QR Code tips & tricks  Eliminate glare  Watch for shadows  PCs are typically slower than mobile devices  On mobile device you may need to click "view the regular version of this website" link  QR code must be flat  Leave white space around code  Use Google's URL shortening service to shorten a URL to create a lower density code.  Easier to read & you can track usage  Always test you links!!! QR CODE 101

22 What are some reasons to use QR Codes in the Classroom?  Helps students access information  Allows you the ability to showcase student work  Great way to share information like websites & contact information with students, and parents  QR Codes are cool & engaging!  o/d527310f6ef34bcd925f/ o/d527310f6ef34bcd925f/ QR CODE 101

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