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QR Codes in the Classroom Amelia Thornton and Carol Allbritton.

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1 QR Codes in the Classroom Amelia Thornton and Carol Allbritton

2 Table of Contents I. Welcome II. Who we are III. Where info came from. i.e. creative commons IV. What is a QR Code and what do I do to read and create them/video V. Phone and desktop downloads for readers VI. How to use readers VII. How to use generators VIII. Treasure Hunt generator IX. Other classroom uses i.e. book trailers, homework help links, etc. X. qr voice XI. Tag my doc XII. SPED Implications XIII. Scavengers

3 What is a QR Code? QR stands for Quick Response Code

4 Anatomy of a QR Code

5 2:18 video explaining 2:59 black and white and scanned all over

6 Android iPhone or more info from another site


8 Scanning QR codes on your PC

9 limited in scope but easy to start with

10 hosts a wide variety of ways to make a qr code for free and they also offer a paid subscription for bigger projects

11 treasure hunt generator



14 text to speech... Link to QR picture and... QR code it!

15 scan a document in and get a QR Code attached to it. No more emailing copies to everyone, just have them scan the code.

16 AETC Password protected IEP

17 SPED/REGED have students use ipad to create a virtual museum. They can save pictures or examples of a standard and tag their voice explaining it. Glogster could create a poster with all the info and you could create a qr code to take you to museum using tag my doc


19 Put in windows to link to school websites, blogs, student made movies, sports and academic (awards, how-to...) videos PCHS website PCHS online news blog misstslibrary PCHS student made movie “Ghosts of High School Past

20 There are many, many places to learn about QR coding and scanning. These are just a few of the ones we have been using. Thank you.

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