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QR Codes in the Classroom By: Kristen Westwood. What are QR Codes? feature=youtube_gdata_player.

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1 QR Codes in the Classroom By: Kristen Westwood

2 What are QR Codes? feature=youtube_gdata_player

3 Benefits of QR Codes in Classroom Time saver Interactive tool Access large amounts of information

4 Ideas for Classroom Use

5 All Classrooms Scavenger hunt Student-centered learning Links to other websites or information useful to lesson Bell-ringers Exit slips Review activities Formative assessments Extension assignments

6 English Video book reviews and students use QR codes to publish or share projects

7 Computer or Business Create interactive resumes

8 Science Create interactive labs or dissections Create a QR periodic table

9 PE Use QR codes to direct students to demonstrations

10 Readers Download a free reader in app store Scan AT&T

11 Examples

12 S-V Agreement Scan the QR code for practice S-V agreement quizzes

13 DOL #1 Get out your headphones and scan the QR code. Watch the video located at the top of page. Write a several sentence personal response. Then write a paragraph explaining the similarities and differences between this reunion and Telemachus' and Odysseus' reunion.

14 Formative Assessment Scan the QR code below to answer the question.

15 Creating QRCodes shorten web address if it's too long Code generator

16 Reflection and Brainstorming In your notes, list some of the ways you think you will be able to use QR Codes in your classroom. Then brainstorm other ways you could use QR codes that were not mentioned in the presentation.

17 Resources with.html /

18 Instructions for Creating QR Codes

19 Presentation Scan the code below for a copy of my presentation.

20 Exit Slip Scan the code below and answer the question about using QR codes in the classroom.

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