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Towards Academic Excellence Blue Egg Global Education

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1 Towards Academic Excellence Blue Egg Global Education

2 Who are we?  Blue Egg Global Education is an educational consultancy that gives expert advice and assistance to higher education institutions operating internationally  We specialise in the validation of programmes of study with universities in the UK

3 Who are we?  We have been working with the University of Wales on validation processes for the last 5 years and have in-depth knowledge of their requirements and procedures in particular in regards to health science courses. The validation unit sends prospective applicants information on our services together with their information materials.

4 Who are we?  We are based in London and Barcelona and work with higher education institutions both in Europe and overseas  We are knowledgeable of different educational systems and traditions and have working knowledge of several European languages

5 When working on validation projects what are our main activities?

6 Preparing and presenting Documentation

7 And other documentation such as... - Quality assurance policy and procedures - Academic and management structure - Academic regulations (progression etc..) As well as more straight forward information such as institutional plans, resources (staff CVs …) etc. Preparing and presenting Documentation

8 As well as preparing and presenting documentation we also assist schools in the development of their Programme of Study in accordance with UW requirements

9 Development of the Programme of Study Key aspects such as:  The academic curriculum  The credit system  The academic levels

10 We also advise and assist in the development of an assessment strategy in accordance with UW requirements

11 Development of the Assessment strategy and procedures  School committees, exam boards  Clinical practice (competency statements and report forms)  Diversification of assessment methods in accordance with learning outcomes and academic levels

12 We can provide institutions with advice and assistance on pedagogical development

13 Pedagogical development:  We organise training workshops and seminars for the academic staff where we discuss: - Teaching methods: What do we want to teach and what is the best way to do it? (Educational Objectives) - Assessment methods: How are we going to assess students to find out whether they know what we want them to know? (Learning outcomes) How can assessment be used in a formative manner? Marking criteria

14 Pedagogical development  ….in line with the British educational system and its vision of higher education (in some aspects different from other educational traditions)  ….working towards a common ground (understanding and respecting the school’s own identity)  ….with a long-term vision (instead of problem patching)  ….understanding the particularities of non-traditional university subjects

15 At the request of institutions we can take on board the overall coordination of the validation project

16 Overall coordination of the validation project  Mediating between the school and the UW  Providing support during preliminary and validation visits as well as exam boards and joint boards of study  Assisting with varying degrees of involvement in the post-validation process

17 What are the advantages of getting us to help your institution through the validation process?

18 We can help institutions validate their programme of study in half the time they would otherwise invest

19 We can help free up a consirable amount of time that managers and administrative/academic staff would need to dedicate to the project

20 You will save considerably on some of the expenses (in particular those of translation of documents)

21 We can help your institution through a validation process which will require a number of internal changes but shouldn’t affect its particularities

22 How do we work?

23 How do we work  We come to visit you free of charge and find out more about your institution and your individual needs  We will present you with a proposal ......and if you like us and what we have to say then we start working!

24 thankyou for your time and have a good evening

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