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University of Portsmouth students 2011. Communicating with you Student support services Course representatives A shared commitment Safer students.

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1 University of Portsmouth students 2011

2 Communicating with you Student support services Course representatives A shared commitment Safer students

3 You will already be familiar with the University of Portsmouth identity from prospectuses, brochures and leaflets Communicating with you

4 You should also have seen the Your Portsmouth web pages and received a Your Portsmouth pack. Communicating with you

5 Now that you are a University of Portsmouth student, look out for LookUP - your online resource for everything you’ll need during your time here. Communicating with you

6 News, events and features Check these regularly for important and useful information General information, support services and departments Information on services to support you during your time here

7 Google applications!

8 To access your Google account visit

9 Google Mail -All University email will be delivered to your Google account -Masses of storage -Forward your other accounts here -Manage all email in one place -View email on your mobile -keep the account forever. Staff will email you only on your Google account. From time to time you might also get emails from LookUP with important and useful information. Check your Google Mail regularly.

10 Google Talk – Chat for free and share files instantly. Google Sites – build your own website for work or for play. Google Documents – share documents and work together, even when you’re not together. Google Calendars – organise your time and share dates with friends.

11 Student portal Personal info, exam results, timetables Victory Your virtual learning environment

12 Library Print and online resources plus advice on research Careers & Recruitment Careers advice, jobs, volunteering and workshops

13 Information Services For all your IT needs

14 You may also see information on plasma screens and notice boards in various buildings. Look out for LookUP - the information is for you. Communicating with you

15 You will receive a pocket guide with useful contact details for all student services. Student services

16 Check the pocket guide or LookUP for more information on all services for students. Student services

17 Course Representatives Course Representatives are elected by you, their course mates, to represent them at meetings with the Students’ Union and your course leaders, throughout the year. There is at least one course representative for every course, on every year of study. Anyone can run to be course representative at the beginning of the year, even you. They are a vital link between students, the university and the students’ union

18 Course Representatives They are trained by the Students’ Union in the best ways to represent and be useful to students. Your course representative will able to help you throughout your time at University with course-related issues and problems you feel are affecting your course. Course reps work together and meet at least once a month to identify and discuss what’s happening on your courses. If it wasn’t for course reps then it would be very difficult for students to voice their opinions and concerns effectively.

19 The Student Handbook is your summary of procedures, regulations and services plus the shared commitments of the University and our students. Please read it. It contains important information that may be referred to in future. A shared commitment

20 Our commitment to you.... A supportive learning environment The University of Portsmouth aims for excellence in the creation, interpretation and communication of knowledge. To achieve this, the University seeks to: provide you with an educational environment in which you can fulfil your academic potential and follow a high quality programme enable you to invest in your future and to develop the skills and personal qualities that can bring you success in employment and further study provide you with access to personal tutors and to advice and guidance services to support you during your studies and beyond encourage an inclusive community which is committed to equality of access to opportunities and services and which supports diversity and ethical and responsible behaviour Valuing your views In continuously aiming to ensure that you receive a high quality of education in your course, the University seeks to communicate effectively with you. You can expect the University to provide: regular formal and informal opportunities for you to comment on any aspect of university life elected or nominated places on relevant Department, Faculty and University committees concerned with academic affairs formal meetings, such as Student/Staff Consultative Committees and Boards of Studies that are responsible for many aspects of course quality, where course representatives can put their views and work with staff to develop their course access for course representatives to training provided by the Students’ Union so that they can make an effective contribution to such meetings

21 Your commitment to the University community.... Investing in your future The University expects you to make a commitment to your own learning and investment in your future by: regularly attending lectures and seminars and completing assessments on time behaving as an academic citizen, learning from your lecturers and fellow students in an environment based on courtesy, honesty and respect regularly checking communication from the University to ensure you are fully informed and that you have the opportunity to communicate your views and respond to requests for feedback attending training events if you are a student representative and then meeting your responsibilities by regularly consulting, reviewing and feeding back to your fellow students Behaving responsibly At all times as a student of the University and a member of the community you should: observe the University’s rules and regulations in all areas treat staff, students and members of the community with respect, consideration and courtesy, in person and when communicating online behave as a considerate member of the University community and the local community, and ensure your actions do not bring the University into disrepute consider your own safety and be proactive to ensure the safety of others treat all property, buildings and grounds, within the University and in the community, with care and respect protect the environment by supporting the University’s green initiatives, in accordance with our environment and sustainability procedures and practice

22 The University, the Students’ Union and local agencies work together to help you stay safe in Portsmouth. We need your commitment to be a Safer Student. Safer Students

23 If you have any questions: check ask your personal tutor ask your course/year leader ask student services at Nuffield Centre speak to the Students’ Union or your course rep

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