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Innovation & Cooperation: Cluster policy & Demand-side innovation policies: public procurement of innovation Dr. Bertrand Wert, Policy Officer

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1 Innovation & Cooperation: Cluster policy & Demand-side innovation policies: public procurement of innovation Dr. Bertrand Wert, Policy Officer Industrial Innovation Policy Development Lancement de la plate-forme des clusters d’innovation de l’Euro-métropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Tournai, 15.03.2011

2 Promotion of world-class clusters in Europe

3 Promotion and development of world-class clusters in Europe >> Towards >> Internationalisation European Cluster Excellence Current For cluster analysis For policy making For business

4 The New European Cluster Observatory

5 The New European Cluster Observatory


7  Open policy-driven EU platform, created in 2006  Develop better cluster policies in Europe  How it works: on the basis of 6 Task Forces on different subjects supported by external experts, and Annual Assemblies  63 members (so far)  Further information: European Cluster Alliance

8 Quality indicators for good cluster management Training Scheme Club of Cluster Managers Cluster Collaboration Platform European Cluster Excellence Initiative

9 Ten good reasons to join the platform The platform … European Cluster Collaboration Platform

10 Structured in two parts: Three core principles Eight action proposals 12-10-2014 side 10 European Cluster Policy Group Recommendations

11 12-10-2014 side 11 Eight Proposals of the ECPG 1.Align funding priorities in the EU budget with competitiveness 2.Enhance cluster-related framework conditions 3.Review current profile of funding recipients at EU and Member State levels 4.Encourage better cluster programmes at the EU Member State level 5.Streamline EU funding for clusters by creating a unified set of administrative procedures 6.Improve coordination of cluster programmes across DGs 7.Institutionalise the provision of the cluster knowledge/data base 8.Enhance European platforms for cluster collaboration

12 New developments for world-class clusters in Europe

13 “Invited” Public Authority B (ECA Members !) “Host” cluster organisation “Invited” cluster organisation “Invited” cluster organisation International EU incentive Common international strategy A new approach promoting internationalisation 11.03.2011: Promotion and development of world-class clusters in Europe New EU call for proposals released This call for proposals by DG Enterprise and Industry aims at further supporting the development of more world-class clusters in Europe under two strands: Strand 1: Promoting international cluster activities in the CIP participating countries (3/G/ENT/CIP/11/C/N04C011). This action aims at fostering European cluster cooperation in view of internationalisation strategies outside Europe, by building upon and further developing successful support schemes already implemented in some Member States. Strand 2: Promoting excellence of cluster management in the CIP participating countries (4/G/ENT/CIP/11/C/N04C021). This action aims at improving cluster management in Europe, by building upon and further developing the efforts carried out by the European Cluster Excellence initiative.[tt_news]=5665&tx_ttnews[backPid]=3554&cHash=435492dad0 “Host” Public Authority A Invited” Public Authority C Call for proposals: 2.5 M EURO

14 European Cluster Excellence Initiative Public Authority Deliverables, (Training materials, Tools, ) Cluster managers EU incentive (ECA Members !) (Cluster Club Members !) Share experiences with other Cluster Club Members ! “Training of trainers” European Cluster Excellence Initiative Call for proposals: 1.5 M EURO

15 Who could participate in the coming calls?  Eligible applicants  National or regional public authorities or agencies  Members of the European Cluster Alliance.  Participants in the pilot actions  Cluster organisations;  Members of the European Club of Cluster Managers established under the “European Cluster Excellence Initiative”. Information Days in Brussels, 4 May!

16 Policy developments… Cluster policy as part of industrial policy  An integrated industrial policy  To develop new strategies of clusters and networks of clsuters  End of 2011 new programming period  Included in the Common Strategical Framework CSF

17 Demand-side innovation policies: public procurement of innovation

18 Lead Market Initiative LMI Measures from the supply side Measures from the demand-side - Regulation - Public procurement - Financement de R&D - Equity support - Mesures fiscales - Subventions, prêts - Standardisation - Clusters… LMI package Policy mix: supply and demand-side measures - Formations, foires -... Intention: Supporting market VS supporting technology push

19 Innovation Union, Committment 17: P rocurement budgets for innovation Issues  Wrong incentives  Lack of knowledge and capabilities on technologies, innovations, market developments  No strategy that aligns public procurements with public policy objectives (e.g. health, environment, transport), and with R&D&I support programmes  Fragmentation in demand Actions  “Member States and regions should set aside dedicated budgets for pre- commercial procurements and public procurements of innovative products and services...  The Commission will provide guidance and set up a (financial) support mechanism to help contracting authorities to implement these procurements in a non-discriminatory and open manner, to pool demand, to draw up common specifications, and to promote SME access.  In addition, the Commission will offer guidance on implementing joint procurements between contracting entities…”

20 Cities: sustainable construction & rehab. “SCI-NETWORK”: ICLEI (lead) Local Governments for Sustainability (Europe), Transport for London TFL (UK), City of Torino (IT), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK), Dutch National Procurers Association PIANOo (NL), Culminatum, Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise (FI), University of Klagenfurt (AT), Motiva, National Agency for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (FI) First results: 110 organisations are participating in the pilot phase Online Forum 6 Working Groups WG: sustainable renovation; new technical solutions; procuring innovation; whole-life costing; financing & contracting; & environmental standards WG for helping public sector to become key driver for sustainable innovation WG encourage knowledge & experience sharing, identifying best practice, innovative technologies & products relevant to public authority WG will engage with the market to identify the best solutions: contact:

21 Fire-brigades protective garments “ENPROTEX”: Firebuy (Lead), the National Procurement Agency for the fire and rescue service in England (UK), Belgian Ministry of the Interior IBZ (BE), Dutch national Disaster Response Agency LFR (NL) First results: A web-portal for public procurers and SMEs Innovation mapping in textile research on protective clothing Providing industry with forward commitments to meet future needs of procurers A Personal Protective Equipment public procurers network is under development Dissemination at national and international level. Discussions with industry on barriers to innovation as well as dialogue with SME associations on involvement of SMEs in innovation and the supply chain Model for tender documents will be produced contact:

22 Low carbon Hospitals “LCB-HEALTHCARE”: Department for Business Innovation and Skills BIS (UK) (lead), Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO (NL), Norwegian Directorate for Health Affaires(NO), Cracow Rydygier Hospital (PL), Department of Health DH (UK), European Health Property Network EuHPN (NL) First results: Develop a sustainable, self-funding, trans-national network Stakeholders' consultations commenced at the European Congress on Healthcare Planning and Design in June 2010. A survey of barriers to investment in low carbon solutions was launched in 2010 A European state-of-the-art report: publication before the end of 2010 "Ultra Efficient Lighting for Future Wards" in the Rotherham hospital (UK): by implementing a Forward Commitment Procurement project refurbishment leaders await Energy consumption saving of 30% or £4,500 / 40 beds / 10 years, and Maintenance Saving of 88% or £13,140 / 40 beds / 10 years. contact:

23 Which Financial Support? Strutcure (in development…) European Commission, DG ENTR Group of buyers Group of buyers + innovation agency, specialized platform (e.g. for cities: sustainable development) + cluster Supplier (e.g. SME x) Supplier (e.g. SME y) Supplier (e.g. SME z) Grant: networking, procurement preparation of PPI or PCP… & % of the real PPI procurement (non definitive structure and %) Procurement contract Innovation solution: goods or services Beneficiary for other procurers+ UE internal market Innovations + client reference Call for proposals of 15M€ PPI & PCP CIP programme June 2011: ≤ 30% ≥ 70 % & 95% ≤ More info: or

24 Supplier B Supplier C Supplier D Supplier A,B,C,D Phase 1 Solution design Phase 2 Prototype development Phase 3 Pre-commercial small scale product/service development - Field Test Pre-commercial Tender (WTO GPA & Procurement Directives not applicable ) Supplier A Supplier B Supplier C Supplier D Supplier B Public Procurement of Innovation Phase 0 Exploratory Research Pre-Commercial Procurement Phase 4 Commercialisation Diffusion of product/service/processes Innovation Deployment Procurement Tender for commercial deployment (WTO GPA & Procurement Directives applicable) Supplier D EC support to procurers and suppliers (FP7 grants) EC support to procurers purchasing (CIP grants) Group of Public Procurers Supplier O Goods/ services Market Diffusion Single Public Procurer Single Public Procurer Supplier J Group of Public Procurers + - + - Procurement Risks Supplier X

25 Which Financial Support? The concept (in development) Examples… Grand Societal Approach (Some examples) Type of activities for “group of buyers” (Some examples) Active Aging Smart Cities & Sustainable Construction Waste Management & Raw Materials Energy Savings & Sustainable energy production EC Financial Support: Percentage of the Cost Covered No Proc.Single Proc.Joint Proc. Capabilities improvement: trainings, workshops X70%85%95% Procurement strategies development X70%85%95% Meeting the market: state-of-the art, technical dialogue, market consultation XXX70%85%95% Development of functional specifications 70%85%95% Forward Commitment Procurement X70%85%95% Standardisation, certification and/or insurance XX70%85%95% Networking activities to Develop a Joint Procurement XXX70%85%95% Procurement Phase XXX--15%30% Preparation Phase Procurement Phase

26 THANK YOU FOR your ATTENTION For more information on clusters European Cluster Observatory: European Cluster Collaboration Platform: European Innovation Platform for Clusters: European Cluster Alliance: European Cluster Excellence Initiative: For more information on procurement of innovation innovation in public procurement: proc_en.htm

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