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FISHERIES CFP Political agenda for 2013 and 2014.

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1 FISHERIES CFP Political agenda for 2013 and 2014

2 Slide FISHERIES 2 CFP reform Where are we in the process ? Council agreed on general approach on 13 June 2012 Vote in Parliament planned for January 2013 Adoption mid-/end 2013 ?

3 Slide FISHERIES 3 Council position MSY by 2015 where possible, for all stocks by 2020 at the latest Landing obligation (discard ban) for: – Pelagics everywhere & salmon in the Baltic by 2014 – Target demersal in NE Atlantic by 2015 (2018 all other commercial species) –Target demersal in the Mediterranean and Black Sea by 2016 (2019 all other commercial species)

4 Slide FISHERIES 4 Council position Regionalised approach on conservation measures (TMs, discard plans, multiannual plans) No mandatory TFCs Mandatory adaptation of fleet capacity to FOs (Entry/Exit scheme, EMFF)

5 Slide FISHERIES 5 Scientific advice Adaptation of the advisory system: –Assessment of issues at stake and future challenges in light of reform in spring 2012 –External review of the advisory system beginning of 2013 –Next STECF to reflect the results of this process Objective: Streamlined and effective advisory system in line with future CFP demands for advice

6 Slide FISHERIES 6 Scientific advice Challenges for the advisory system: –"Data poor" stocks –Tight deadlines for the introduction of the landing obligation –Regionalised approach

7 Slide FISHERIES 7 Priorities for 2013 and 2014 Discard plans –STECF to review regional initiatives and/or provide advice on potential measures Evaluation/ Assessment of TMs –Regionalisation of technical measures –Content of future regulation Stock advice –Bring down the number of "data-poor" stocks DC-MAP 2014-2020

8 Slide FISHERIES 8 Other actions for 2013 and 2014 Evaluation of research needs / data quality Reports on aquaculture, processing and fleet Multi-annual management plans ? International Dimension/EAFM? New types of socio-economic advice ?

9 Slide FISHERIES 9 9 Slide Thank you! European Commission MaritimeAffairs andFisheries

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