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Democracy at School (English version) ImPULS- Schule Schmiedefeld.

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1 Democracy at School (English version) ImPULS- Schule Schmiedefeld

2 Possibilties of participation in decision making at ImPULS Schule Schmiedefeld School representatives and their deputies School Conference Class representatives and their deputies Assembly of class representatives Outro

3 election Class representatives and their deputies vote at least four weeks after the start of the school year two divided and secret elections under presence of two third of the persons who are allowed to join in the elections school representative and his/her deputy After counting the votes the school representative and the deputy are elected, in case they both accept the election They are elected for two years Members of the school conference the school representative and the deputy are members of the School Conference automatically. The third member of the School Conference is elected in a third part of the election Electing the school representative and his/her deputy

4 Tasks and rights of the school representative and his/her deputy the school representative can convene the assembly of class representatives he/she is responsible for fullfilling the decisions of the Assembly of class representatives he/she is presenting wishes or ideas to the headmaster, to the teachers, the parents, the School Conference or single teachers the headmaster informs the school representative about all important matters connected to the students Special things at ImPULS-Schule Schmiedefeld: the school representative chairs Schüler-ImPULS the school representative and his/her deputy very often represent our school with all its special things and our school concept to visitors Examples in 2005/06: - Visit of reform pedagogical study group „„Blick über den Zaun“ - Audit concerning the certificate „Berufswahlfreundliche Schule“ for schools with high quality preperation for professional life - three day school visit of a team of experts within the project „Self- accountable school“ (kind of school inspection) in the federal state of Thüringen

5 Elections Teachers, parents and students appoint their candidates to make up the School Conference Our school conference consists of three members of the teachers, the parents, the students each and the headmaster who is the chairman of the conference. Rights The School Conference is allowed to hand in proposals concerning various topics such as: School name School projects……. School Conference

6 Tasks: the school conference discusses tasks that effects all together- the students, the teachers and the parents The school conference gives recommendations, formulates comments concerning certain topics and is allowed to make decisions The school conference can mediate in conflicts between students and teachers if the involved persons demand it The school conference is involved in the introduction of new teaching materials such as new school books or other teaching and learning materials Topics they deal with are for example: „Smoking free school“ voluntary yard breaks drink dispensers Successes: Decision concerning participation in school development process „Self – accountable school“ Decision for participation in the campain for a certifcate of appropriate professional guidance school which the school recieved on 18th January, 2006 establishing new school rules in 2004/2005 Evaluation of a survey concerning the topic „Smoking free School“

7 Successes, example class council grade 8: - they talk about problems within the class - established individuell talks between teachers and students because of problems in different subjects Tasks: - collect problems of the class to be discussed in „Schüler ImPULS“ - Planning of the content of the work of the class representative for the whole school year 2006/07 - Smoking free school - voluntary yard break - usage of rooms at school that are empty - celebration (Jenaplan element) in grade 7/8 Class representatives and their deputies

8 One of the rights of the class representative is to ask her/his classmates about problems or suggestions which she/he discusses in the assembly of all class representatives called „Schüler ImPULS“ later on. The class representative also has the right to discuss complaints either with the headmaster of the school, with the school assembly, or with the class teacher. The other way round: the class representative has the right to be informed by the headmaster about news concerning all school matters. The class representative has the right to comment school rules, school events and other basic things connected with the organization of the school. Rights of the class representative

9 The election Grade Each grade appoints the class representative and his deputy within the first three weeks of the school year secret elections The class appoints a member of the class. This student has to declare that she/he is willing to assume the job This happens in a secret election like in parlament as well. class representative The class representative and his deputy starts working after counting the votes for one year Deputy The deputy class representative is the student with the second largest amount of votes. It‘s the class representatives‘ task to give information and ideas to her/his class.

10 Assembly of class representatives Tasks and activities during the school year 2005/06 discuss the school calendar 2005/06 preperation of the school visit of the team of experts „Self accountable school“ Evaluation: „What do we practise in a good way, what should be improved?! Evaluation of the results of the questionnaires connerning school quality called INIS Discussion of conception „Honouring students‘ achievements“- collecting opinions involvement into „School Project Days 2006“ participation in preperations of the „Day of the Open Doors“ - Working out a quiz about school „moved breaks“, providing students with food during breaks carry out the classroom competition In General: try to tranfer the interests of the whole school into action talk about our wishes either to the headmaster, the representatives of the parents or the School Conference prepare events, assemblies or school visits

11 Meeting of the class representatives ► invitation by the headmaster ► talk about current dates ► make important decisions ► work out questions of content ► develop new ideas The meeting takes place once a month.

12 Rights: ► be a positive example for other students ► present one‘s opinion freely ► get involved into school development ► talk in assemblies about problems and worries ► being released from official schedule during assemblies ► bring in new abilities and ideas freely ► involve own ideas and concepts into work Special things: ► Schüler-Impuls The school representative chairs it Topics: develop and carry out a survey for all students concerning: „Smoking free school“ usage of free rooms Guests are invited for special topics. ► that‘s what we discussed: mixed age teaching mixed ability teaching ► students supervision during breaks

13 Deviation: Headmaster chairs the meeting not the school representative Successes: follow the time table of planned meetings put plans into reality good collaboration, team work Reserves: sometimes not all representatives join in the meetings students do not involve deputies in case of absence of class represenatives lack of participation during „uninteresting“ topics

14 Developed by the class representatives of grades 5 to 10 during the School Project Days 2006 Information and sources: Class representatives grade 5 to 10

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