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How to supervise student for thesis? Prof. Pushpa Raj Sharma Department of Child Health.

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1 How to supervise student for thesis? Prof. Pushpa Raj Sharma Department of Child Health

2 Contents of this presentation Part one –Model of supervision. Part two –Role of supervisor. Part three –Supervision: Ten Technical aspect.

3 Supervision: A process GUIDE IOM

4 Role of supervisor during thesis works FACILITATES STUDENTS EMPOWERMENT *Gives student appropriate independence and freedom to do their work. *Encourages student to practice research works. *Encourages students to use innovative approaches to solve problems. *Involves students in improving their learning ability. *Allows students to make mistakes and assists students in learning from them.

5 Role of supervisor continues ENGAGES IN EFFECTIVE TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION WITH STUDENTS *Gives each student a clear understanding of how his/her work fits into the overall research work *Promptly informs students when there is a important issues that affects the research work. *Encourages and accepts constructive feedback from students. *Keeps students informed about recent evidences which may be important in their research works. *Assists students in setting objectives/hypothesis.

6 Role of supervisor continues PROVIDES EFFECTIVE DIRECTION *Plans out work in advance. *Offers students effective ideas for solving research related problems. *Revises his/her writings when new information suggests that change is needed.

7 Role of supervisor continues ESTABLISHES A WORKING ATMOSPHERE OF SUPPORT, CONCERN, AND FAIRNESS *Instills confidence and trust in student by modeling appropriate behaviors. *Deals effectively with poor performers. *Understands and supports students. *Provides consistent direction and guidance. *Assures a work environment that is free of intimidation and harassment.

8 Role of supervisor continues DEVELOPS SELF-MANAGING OR SELF- DIRECTED WORK AND SUPPORTS CROSS-FUNCTIONAL TEAMWORK *Assures good communication and coordination among work unit members. *Informs other departmental members about the students achievements or problems *Praises student for accomplishment of work. *Identifies and assures inter and intra departmental cooperation.

9 When are you ready to supervise? First step Why this specific topic was chosen? What information s/he can tell you on the chosen topic? Can s/he list the gross steps what s/he is going to do for her/his thesis? –Cost –Time frame –Materials –Ethical

10 Second step How many original papers has s/he collected? Has s/he prepared the proposal well? Has s/he talked with statistics person? Does s/he knows the people s/he will be involved during her/his works?

11 Third step Are you sure you can supervise her/him? Can you visit without prior information during her/his work? Has s/he copied from the previous thesis works? Does s/he has the strength?

12 Supervision: a process Starts if you say “yes”. Your support: make her/him walking. Positive attitude: s/he is learning and will make mistakes. The first writing. The time frame. Where is the evidence?

13 Contents of supervision. Look for the following few questions: 1. Why this study? –What is the problem and why it should be studied. –Literature reviewed. 2.What are the objectives? –What were the study purpose and the scientific hypothesis to be tested? –Is the objective clearly formulated

14 The process: 3. What is the study about? –How were the subjects recruited? –Does it describes the study population –How are the inclusion and exclusion criteria? 4. What is the design of the study? –Does it describes the study design? –Any specific interventions is considered? –What is measured and how? –Are there too much information?

15 Still we are in process? 5. How are the preliminary questions dealt with? –Is the sample size or power calculation described? –Does this study follow-ups? –How is the sample collected? –Is there any bias ? –How is the gold standard to compare with?

16 You are in the middle! 6. Ask her/him to show what has been written?

17 We are in the supervising process 7. Who is the statistic advisor? Talk to him/her about your student. –Regular discussion. –Does the data looks real? –Is it possible to interpret the data?

18 Other few questions? 8. Data analysis? –Is the instrument sensible to collect the data? – Does it looks messy? –Can it be presented in tables/ diagrams? –Is it comparable? 9. Discussion –The writing. –References –Recommendation

19 10. Final writing Read every lines. They are not English teachers. The flow. Correlate with references. See the lay out. Neat. Finally does it relates with hypothesis?

20 Thank you Any suggestions for this presentation? How to write a MD Thesis. Get the document in PDF FORMATPDF FORMAT

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