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08/01/2014 1 Final Conference PEER-LEARNING AND BEYOND Krzysztof Gurba Patras, 2014.

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1 08/01/2014 1 Final Conference PEER-LEARNING AND BEYOND Krzysztof Gurba Patras, 2014

2 Two categories of users Support of their existing vocational training Procedural knowledge and skills extending their competence in the specific area of contact with the problems of immigrants 08/01/20142 Cultural mediators by profession Non-professional cultural mediators, for example: social workers, counselors, educators, health assistants, police officers and border guards Final Conference

3 08/01/2014 3 The essence of the profession of cultural mediator, according to the participants of research in Sonetor Project, is rather a continuous accompaniment given to an immigrant in a new and different reality and being a guide to the complexities of immigrant life in the host country, explaining these complexities and differences, and practically solving them. Social skills of cultural mediator: Show understanding Be patient Be open to the otherness Like what you do Cultural mediation – profession or mission Final Conference

4 08/01/2014 4 Five core competencies are the following: Anthropological-sociological knowledge Communicative and linguistic competence Patience Openness and tolerance Pragmatic skills Set of competencies Final Conference

5 08/01/2014 5 Guided and unguided (inspected or not by a moderator) Story-based Assigned to the expected learning outcomes (EQF) Sequence of individual steps (decision points) Massive background links and contexts (further readings, documentation, data bases, case studies) Learning scenarios – main features (1) Final Conference

6 08/01/2014 6 Mashed-up with other scenarios and episodes Mashed-up with social networks Multimedial (videos, infographics, photos, animations) Self and peer tested and assessed Open for online and offline discussion Free of charge Based on real life experience of users Learning scenarios – main features (2) Final Conference

7 08/01/2014 7  Idea of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Web 2.0 - User-generated content Web 3.0 - Content crowdsourcing  Wisdom of the crowd, pro-am learning  Feedback effect - induced activity and creativity of scholars and other professionals Sonetor platform – cognitive value Final Conference

8 08/01/2014 8 MOOCs (global classrooms) Coursera edX Udacity Udemy OERs Open Badges Chunking of content Tinkering …and beyond Final Conference

9 08/01/2014 9 MOOC = Massively Open Online Course Free classes (usually) Huge following (avarage 50 000 students) Includes all of the components needed to learn away from the traditional classroom (lectures, activities, quizzes, projects) Broad community Moderated and mastered by learners and coaches Certificates (usually paid but affordable) MOOCs Final Conference

10 08/01/2014 10 Courses offered by MOOC start-ups: Coursera (consortium, Stanford, Princeton, etc.) edX (consortium, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, certificates) Udacity (company, mostly computer science, certificates and resume to partners incl. Google, Facebook, Bank of America, etc.) Udemy (company, open, big names) MOOCs offer Final Conference

11 08/01/2014 11 OERs (Open Educational Resources) Open source eductional content Open badges (Khan Academy, Mozilla’s Open Badges) Rewarding individuals for knowledge and skills acquired outside traditional classrooms Chunking of content Modular structure of educational content Tinkering Learning by doing, exploring, building. Leveraging students interest by what they make with their hands Global classroom – new phenomena Final Conference

12 08/01/2014 12 Thank you for your attention! Krzysztof Gurba Vice-director Institute of Journalism and Social Communication Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow Final Conference

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