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08/01/2014 1 Final Conference The SONETOR platform- Functionalities and services Catherine Christodoulopoulou CTI.

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1 08/01/2014 1 Final Conference The SONETOR platform- Functionalities and services Catherine Christodoulopoulou CTI

2 08/01/2014 2 CTI -Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” is a research and technology organization focusing on research and development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). CTI was founded in 1985 and it is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. From 2011, CTI was established as the technological pillar supporting CTI in education and as the publishing body of Greek school books and electronic educational materials. CTI is also responsible for the administration of the Greek School Network, the largest user network in Greece. Role of CTI in SONETOR: CTI is responsible for WP4 “Development of the social networking training platform” CTI and its role in SONETOR Final Conference

3 SONETOR Platform 08/01/2014 3 Final Conference SONETOR platform aims at serving as a focal communication point for European Cultural Mediators and other stakeholders SONETOR Platform is training platform composed of social networking tools (blogs, forum, wiki etc), which is used to train Cultural Mediators with the help of peer learning. SONETOR Platform offers peer to peer learning scenarios on topics related to the everyday work of Cultural Mediators in the form of Unguided Scenarios in selected fields: Health, Education, Housing, Social-Legal In addition, during the implementation of SONETOR Platform, educational experts partners, University of Limerick (UL), Pontifical University of John Paul II (PUJPII), pointed out the additional need of structured learning scenarios. As a result, a Moodle environment was integrated to SONETOR platform offers e- Learning Scenarios

4 SONETOR Platform 08/01/20144 Final Conference Home page

5 An integrated Moodle environment which offers: Structured educational scenarios based on storytelling. 08/01/20145 Final Conference E-learning Scenarios (1)

6 The scenarios consisted of episodes and each episode is based on learning outcomes 08/01/20146 Final Conference E-learning Scenarios (2)

7 Is A web application that allows users to work in collaboration with others Users can Write new wikis Modify/update existing wiki topics Correct wrong, misleading or biased wikis 08/01/20147 Final Conference Wiki

8 Is: Personal opinions and views on a subject Users can Can leave comments and feedback 08/01/20148 Final Conference Blogs

9 Is Social tool that brings the users closer to each other Users can -Find people that share the same interests -Create friend relationships -Create a social circle and share content with each other (videos, comments, images etc) -View their friends activities (i.e a friend created a new article or commented on a specific content) -Post status updates 08/01/20149 Final Conference Social network

10 Is A discussion tool on several matters concerning the users Users can Hold online discussions in the form of posted messages Can create several topics (new discussions) 08/01/201410 Final Conference Forum

11 Is p2p learning tool that helps users deal with daily concerns 08/01/201411 Final Conference Unguided scenarios (1)

12 Users can Learn in a collaborative environment 08/01/201412 Final Conference Unguided scenarios (2)

13 Users can Learn in a collaborative environment 08/01/201413 Final Conference Unguided scenarios (3)

14 Users can Write their views and opinions under a specific real life scenario 08/01/201414 Final Conference Unguided scenarios (4)

15 Users can Write a personal experience and get feedback 08/01/201415 Final Conference Unguided scenarios (5)

16 Is A alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge (i.e cultural mediators) Users can Add new terms Modify existing terms Find new definitions for specific terms 08/01/201416 Final Conference Glossary Moderator

17 Is An evaluation tool that can keep track of users’ activity and evaluate their contribution on the platform Users (moderators) can Find content created by users Certify/un-certify users for p2p learning 08/01/201417 Final Conference Indicators

18 Is A virtual community where users with the same interests and opinions can have their place in the platform 08/01/201418 Final Conference Groups (1)

19 Users can Write articles Share content Leave comments Discuss with others 08/01/201419 Final Conference Groups(2)

20 Is A web application that provides live exchange of information among users remote from one another Users can Create and invite others to a teleconference Make presentations 08/01/201420 Final Conference Teleconference

21 Is A web tool that keeps track of what’s happening and where and notify users who are interested Users can Publish events View events on daily, monthly and yearly intervals Receive notification alerts 08/01/201421 Final Conference Event

22 Is A functionality which enables users to send private messages to each other Users can Send/receive messages 08/01/201422 Final Conference Messages

23 SONETOR Platform in numbers… 08/01/201423 Users 477 users 334 active users (they have visited the platform at least one time ) Content 539 blogs 94 forum (topics not comments) 113 episodes 54 articles Final Conference

24 SONETOR Platform more… 08/01/201424  Find out more in: The registration is FREE and simple! Final Conference

25 08/01/201425 Final Conference Thank you! Catherine Christodoulopoulou CTI Patras- GREECE mail:

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