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Ir. Brendo Meulman Sustainable Sanitation case: Noorderhoek.

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1 Ir. Brendo Meulman Sustainable Sanitation case: Noorderhoek

2 Consultancy firm, founded in 2005 Sustainable and innovative (C2C) Sanitation Leading 7 employees DeSaH B.V.

3 Consultancy Engineering Contracting Operation & Maintenance

4 History of sanitation  <1850

5  1850-1960 History of sanitation

6  1850-1920 History of sanitation

7  1920-1960 History of sanitation

8  1850-1960 History of sanitation

9  1960-2012 History of sanitation

10 Innovation of Sanitation  Sanitation moved from local to decentral, to central.  The collection of human waste is hardly innovated in more than 200 years  The transport of human waste innovated from defecation into canals, to transportation by lorry towards transportation by tubes  Treatment of human waste innovated from no treatment, towards reuse in agriculture, towards relative clean water production but also formation of polluted by-products  Contrary to innovation in f.i. communication and energy sanitation became less indivual, less sustainable and more large scale.

11 How can this be changed?  Collection, transport and treatment of organic residues based on:  Creating value out of the residues  Synergy with the surrounding environment  Using existing infrastructure if possible  Source-oriented approach

12  Closing loops  Energy loop  Nutrient loop  Water loop Whether a compound is defined as waste or as resource is greatly depending on the concentration Obtaining value out of waste

13 Schematic overview RMS 7% 93%

14 COD overview, Noorderhoek

15 Nitrogen overview, Noorderhoek

16 Phosphorus overview, Noorderhoek

17 General overview, Noorderhoek gemiddelde wateraanvoer 1052l/d n557 gemiddeld hydraulische verblijftijd 36d n551 gemiddeld CZV-vracht influent 10.932gr/d n28 gemiddelde CZV-verwijdering vergister 10.270gr/d n29 gemiddeld methanogenese 90% n9 gemiddeld energieproductie biogas 30kWh/d n421 gemiddeld energieverbruik opwarming vergister 50kWh/d n103 gemiddelde totale CZV-verwijdering (in meetreeks) 98% n13 gemiddelde totale N-verwijdering (in meetreeks) 66% n13 gemiddelde totale P-verwijdering (in meetreeks) 74% n13

18 Schematic overview Noorderhoek 7% 93% C: 65% C: 15% N: 5% P: 35% C: 20% N: 95% P: 65% N: 10% P: 60% N: 5% P: 55% N: 5% P: 5% C: 100% N: 100% P: 100%

19 Advantages Energy production Water saving of at least 25% Treatment of wastewater and organic waste Closing energy and nutrient loop Removal of micro pollutants No harmful by-products

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