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The Iraqi Application in Housing for:

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1 The Iraqi Application in Housing for:
- Normal Housing For All Citizens. - Economic Housing For Urban Poor. Presented by: ENGINEER EDAAN SALLOOMI ALWAN Director Manager Ministry of Construction and Housing (MOCH) - IRAQ 1

2 HOUSING Threats Weakness 2 Goals Opportunities
Housing: Opportunities, Goals, Threats, Weakness Companies Economic and social developments 2.5M units P. Sector Secured Investment Goals Opportunities HOUSING Sustainable Alternatives Attract Capitals Financial Development Maintenance Budget Performance Slums Weakness Threats Low investment Lands availability Infrastructure Designs System 2

3 Investment commission
Housing Providers Citizens Government Other Organizations MOCH P. Resources Loans Ministries Funds Budget Local government Housing Fund P.Sector Investment commission Government Companies Banks 3

4 4 Housing Projects Under Construction in Iraqi Provinces(2004 – 2012)
No. of Residential Units No. of Projects Province 504 3 Baghdad 1688 Holly Kerbala 1092 2 Holly Najaf 5616 7 Basrah 2453 5 Ninawa 2016 4 Diwaniya 2750 Wasit 1404 Al- Samawa 1436 Diyala 2022 Maysan 1616 Salah El-Din 1544 Babil 1104 Kirkuk 2156 Anbar 2118 Thi Qar 28511 55 The total 4

5 Distribution Housing Projects in Iraqi Provinces(2004 – 2012)

6 Financial Resources for Housing Investment Commission
(2012 – 2015) Financial Resources Investment G. Budget P. Companies 7000 units for MOCH staff 55 continues Projects Oil contracts (Under Study) 10 new projects Every year (Ave.600unit each ) Investment Commission Units Low cost Housing unit 2billion$ (1st Stage) 6

7 First Stage ( 2012 – 2015) on a budget of 2 billions $
The Project of Economic Housing for urban poor The Ministers council decided to reserve portion from investment budget for the project of proper housing units for poor . First Stage ( 2012 – 2015) on a budget of 2 billions $ 7

8 8 The Project of Economic Housing
The adopted steps by the Ministry of Construction and Housing (MOCH) Holding design competition where 3 companies were awarded . Starting to prepare the detailed design by the awarded comps. Preparing the required land and the infrastructures. The project will be implemented within the current year. Collecting accurate information about the targeted families. Adopting a strategy for units distribution. 8

9 9 Budget for the project of economic housing for each province
(as 1st stage) Budget portion $ Intensity of population Province 24.6 % Baghdad 3.70 % Holly Kerbala 4.50% Holly Najaf 8.80% Basrah 11.4% Ninawa 3.90% Diwaniya 4.20% Wasit 2.50% Al- Samawa 5.10% Diyala 3.40% Maysan 4.90% Salah El-Din 6.30% Babil Kirkuk 5.40% Anbar 6.40% Thi Qar 9

10 HOUSING FOR EMPLOYEES Payments’ Strategy
Building Residential Projects for employees in all ministries for all provinces The total units to be implemented are unit Payments’ Strategy 20% as 1st payment at starting by the employee. 30% as 2nd payment at delivery by the employee. 50% as 3rd payment to be paid by HOUSING BANK and then will be taken as monthly payments from the employee’s salary. 10

11 Model (1) 11

12 Model (2) 12

13 Model (3) 13

14 How to achieve stability in the housing market ?
By: The Government Builds Houses for all citizens The Government builds Houses for limited income and poor families Loans for families that owning lands to build their houses Loans for governmental employees who have no houses Building Houses by the Investors 14

15 Thank You 15

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