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LISTEN TO Our jar of happiness!. Go ahead, try some!

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1 LISTEN TO Our jar of happiness!

2 Go ahead, try some!

3 Tim McMorris - A beautiful life Tim McMorris - A beautiful life First time, I hear song A Beautiful Life from video Alex Chacon with title Around the World in 360° Degrees and it enthralled me equally like this song. I feel the freedom, a lot of new experiences and the beauty of every day from melody and from the voice of the singer. And all of this brings me the feeling of happiness. Do you feel it too? When I hear it, I fancy singing and dancing just as Tim McMorris sings in this song. I wish to have "beautiful morning that turns into a beautiful evening and together make a beautiful life". "And if you want a good tomorrow, it’s pretty simple, gotta find the light to follow and if you do, you’ll have a future real bright." Life is beautiful. Be happy! Adéla Pešková

4 I like this song, because it is cheerful. And it makes people dance. About eSPé from their official website ESPé The band was formed in 2003 and since then we have changed several times cast members. In the current report operating since 2007. We have released 4 studio albums together - I want to hear Your Voice (2005 ), He ( 2007), Infinite (2009 ), is not enough (2011 ), one live CD + DVD Enter the Godzone (2010 ) and single " receive power " (2008 ), which appeared as a Slovak version of the anthem of World Youth Day in Sydney. eSPé was founded as the Community Praise SP and our primary goal and vision is to exceed the limits of everyday life in relationship with God in praise and worship. We long to see God's Kingdom here on earth united in the fear of our God. Our songs are based on the desire to exalt God over everything in our lives and what we are trying not only songs, but also the whole life and community service project and SP Godzone. Throughout history we have in the years 2003-2011 played 257 concerts worship and evangelization in different cities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK and Croatia. With the guidance of praise bands eSPé you can meet in regular open meetings SP community every Sunday at 17:00 in Sliač, or at various concerts in Slovakia and sometimes beyond. ASSEMBLY BANDS Espe : Julus English - singing when. guitar Martin Heneš - drums David Slavkov - el. guitar Daniel Launer - bass, vocals Ivan Petrov - keys Ivana Slováková - violin eSPé - Bláznovstvo Ester Surmová

5 Clean Bandit – Rather Be I haven´t known this song for really long time, but I can say, it makes me happy. I was just randomly going through TV channels and I wanted to listen to some music and I stopped at this song. That was the first moment I’ve heard it. I liked the melody, so I was muttering it all week. I think the main message in this song is, that if we are with somebody we like, it doesn’t matter, where we are. Now I listen to this song more often and then I am always happy. Gabriela Šrautová

6 Pharrell Williams - Happy The author of this song is an American singer Pharrell Williams. Pharrell sings mainly about happiness but also about contradictions and that a man can be happy from anything. And that is exactly what the music clip presents. In the clip you can see many different people, who dance on different places and they are happy. I heard this song many times but the first time I really got interested in it was on a birthday celebration of one of my friends. For four days I was with my family and group of friends at a cottage and during these four days we were recording how we dance and do stupid things when listening to this song. And the fourth day we made one big video from these short ones. And that is how I fell in love with this song. Now it is not another usual song about happiness, because when I hear it I remember what we did and how happy we were and it makes me laugh. Hana Vaňková

7 Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication Not evaluating the very reason of choosing my favorite song, even it may be a task of an enormous difficulty, I have approached this task with tremendous force, diligence and responsibility. Saying, it is subjective and a question of momentary mood, it’s going to be the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the song Californication I must select. Very first tunes of the song kicks me in another fucking time and space, where bitches wear nothing else than what God created them with. The song makes me smell trees and appear in the world of insane wonders. The world full of hop liquid flowing down rivers, sun smiling at you and fruity girls wanting fuck your brain out. And then someone asks you: “Man, everything‘s alright? How’s it going?” and the only thing you can get out of your head is: I’ve got it under my control. Next morning, I wake up, look around my room and see nothing. Several pieces of my clothes lay on the ground, no one to hug, no one to kiss. It was all just a fucking imagination of a drunk alcohol addict, who listened to his favorite song. Jan Špicar

8 You Make My Dreams - Hall and Oates First time I heard this song was in the movie 500 days of summer, and it really made me happy. It is just so energetic, positive and every time I listen to it I feel like dancing. I recommend to listen to it in the morning because it just gets you in a better mood for the day. I also like the lyrics of this song, it is a love song and the singer wants to let his beloved know that she makes his dreams come true. Klára Spilková

9 Eluveitie – Inis Mona Inis Mona is one of the most known songs by swiss folk metal band Eluveitie. I heard it first about three years ago, when my friend recommended me this band. After that I have never stopped listening to Inis Mona. I like the song, because it´s full of energy, happines, but a little bit of nostalgia too. It is about man´s memories of the Inis Mona island (now Isle of Man), where Celts were being trained to be druids. So from the song I feel mythological power of old Celts and breath of nature. Ladislav Semrád

10 Every time when we hear something about a happy song, we mostly imagine some very catchy rhythm and positive lyrics. If you are this kind of person, I am sorry to disappoint you but this one is not going to be the happy one. Why? You will see. I believe that every one of you have had a very hard time at least once in your life. Do you remember that time when you feel really down? I do. Do you know what helped me a lot to stand back on my feet? Yeah, you are right, a song. The name of my song is „Somewhere I belong“Somewhere I belong by the amazing band Linkin Park. This song makes me feel stronger, invulnerable and it gives me a lot of courage. There is no need for more words. Just listen. Minh Tran

11 Coldplay - Paradise I chose this song because it is my personal jar of happiness. If I listen to this song I remember SUMMER. I do not know why, maybe because I listened to it in summer for the first time… a few years ago. It was at a holiday party and I enjoyed it so much. And since that time I have loved the song. I like hot weather, holidays, water and everythig of this is in this song for me. Because summer is my paradise. Tereza Pekárková

12 Imagine dragons – On the top of the world On top of the world is a song by an American band Imagine Dragons which was released last year. In this song, we can hear sounds of guitar, bass and drums. The lead singer is Dan Reynolds. First, I saw this song on a czech programme of music named Óčko. It's one of my favorite songs by this band but it's not the most favorite for me, there are many songs I really like, Demons for exemple. The clip of this song is quite funny for a lot of people, because it shows that people weren't on the Moon – everything was filmed in a studio. In the end, a lot of people go to this studio and listen to a group singing, looking like astronauts. Valerie Skopalová


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