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 Chorzów, 2010 The Programme is addressed to: a) victims of domestic violence, including: - children - spouses or partners in informal relationships.

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2  Chorzów, 2010

3 The Programme is addressed to: a) victims of domestic violence, including: - children - spouses or partners in informal relationships - elderly people - persons with disabilities b) perpetrators of domestic violence c) witnesses of domestic violence


5  government administrative bodies  territorial self-government units  non-governmental organisations  churches and other religious associations



8  decrease the scale of the phenomenon of domestic violence  increase the effectiveness of protection of victims of family violence and enhance availability of support  increase the effectiveness of intervention and corrective actions towards abusers


10  diagnosing systematically the phenomenon of family violence  increasing social sensitivity to domestic violence  improving competences of the services dealing with the problem of domestic violence  providing victims of family violence with professional support  interacting with and exerting impact on family abusers

11  preventive: diagnosing, informing, educational, addressed to the whole society and people working with victims and abusers  interventional: protective and therapeutic, addressed to victims of domestic violence as well as educative and isolating, addressed to abusers  supportive: psychological, pedagogical, therapeutic and other, addressed to victims of violence within family  corrective and educational addressed to abusers

12 Our Centre is mainly implementing the interventional, supportive and corrective/educational goals. The preventive goals are addressed to people being in contact with victims of domestic violence or abusers who have previously received our support (probation officers, social workers, police officers, school educators).

13 The need for systemic counteraction of domestic violence inspired the development of principles for the framework corrective and educational programme for domestic violence abusers within the Silesian region.

14  Act on prevention of domestic violence  National Programme for Prevention of Domestic Violence  Development Strategy of the Śląskie Voivodeship 2000-2020  Social Policy Strategy of the Śląskie Voivodeship 2006-2020  Voivodeship Programme for Prevention and Solving of Alcohol Problems 2006-2010

15 The elaborated Strategy for Solving Social Problems in Chorzów by 2020 indicated the necessity to develop and implement programmes addressed to domestic violence perpetrators.

16  prevent the abuser from future abusive behaviours  developing self-control skills and ability to coexist within family  shaping educational skills in parents without resorting to family violence  gaining knowledge and raising awareness in the scope of the mechanisms generating domestic violence

17  convicts sentenced for misdeeds connected with domestic abuse, serving sentence of imprisonment or those for whom the court suspended execution of the penalty, obliging such abusers to participate in the programme

18  domestic violence perpetrators taking part in alcohol or drug addiction treatment (therapy); in such case – participation in the programme may be supplementary to the main therapy.

19  individuals who voluntarily enroll for the programme, due to other circumstances.

20 Addiction therapy is addressed to domestic violence abusers identified as alcohol or drugs addicts or persons addicted to other intoxicants, psychotropic or substitute substances.

21 Corrective and educational activities are not conducted in locations where the victims of domestic violence receive support.


23 The corrective and educational programme for Chorzów has been implemented since September 2007. It is a proprietary programme developed by a psychologist. The programme sessions are conducted in the Social Welfare Centre.

24  taking responsibility by perpetrators for their behaviours  teaching abusers to refrain from using violence  teaching perpetrators to control aggressive behaviours  changing the way of thinking and system of beliefs to favour the development of partnership attitudes  changing violent behaviours into partnership-based behaviours

25  In 2007 - 11 participants of the programme, of which 10 men and 1 woman.  In 2008 - 44 participants of the programme, 39 men and 5 women.  In 2009 - 50 people enrolled for the programme, 44 men and 6 women.  In 1 st half of 2010 - 25 people took part in the programme, 20 men and 5 women

26 The programme participants are referred to the programme by social workers, probation officers, police officers, based on a court decision, or they enroll voluntarily.

27  motivating to take part in the therapy  diagnostic sessions  therapeutic sessions  individual consultations  mini-lectures  practical activities  Workshops  socializing / family integration meetings  educational and therapeutic trips  group sessions

28  cinema outing and trip to Water Park for the families participating in the corrective and educational programme  therapeutic and educational trip to the mountains  educational and recreational trip to the salt mine, Santa Claus Day and Christmas Eve


30 Santa Claus Day 2010

31 In 2009 - 2010 we organised one-day trip to Cracow and three-day trip to Bukowina Tatrzańska. The character of such trips was both theurapeutic and educational. In Christmas time we celebrated Sainta Claus Day and Christmas Eve in the open- air ethnographic museum in Chorzów.



34 In some cases, these may be the first family outings or trips. Frequently, the family members learn from the start how to spend time together and organise their spare time. Such outings are always accompanied and supervised by our workers.

35 The corrective and educational programme is financed from the state budget. The amount of the government subsidy depends on the number of program participants. With the forecasted participation of 50 persons, the amount of the annual subsidy is PLN 60,000 – equivalent of EUR 15,000.


37 From the beginning of the Centre’s activity, since 29 October 2006, we have been working with the victims of domestic violence.

38  aiming to use the solutions expected by the victims of domestic violence  ensuring safety  broadening knowledge on the phenomenon of domestic violence  raising the victims’ awareness in the scope of their rights and possibilities of receiving support

39  information leaflets  internet  information provided by the Police  social workers  probation officers  previous recipients of our support

40  43 % families were covered by support owing to cooperation with the Police  31 % families visited us voluntarily  14 % families were referred to our Centre by other support centres, such as Social Welfare Centre, Centre for Crisis Intervention, Family Support Centre  8 % received information about the centre from a probation officer  3 % account for other applications (anonymous, from an employer)

41 In 2010, as many as 170 families received support from our Centre, 23 adults and 27 children stayed in the shelter hostel. All the families received welfare support.

42  85 people consulted a psychologist  68 people received legal advice  29 families consulted a pedagogy specialist  41 children and 60 women took part in group sessions

43  diagnostics (covering, inter alia, diagnostics of addictions, physical and mental disorders, diagnostics of other problems, e.g. educational, financial)  working in the allocated environment, motivating to externalize the problem of domestic violence, evaluation and supervision of a family situation  developing of an individual support plan including the necessary needs, goals, methods and period of support

44  support in dealing with administrative and other procedures, referring to particular people able to provide support if such support is not granted by the Centre  individual social, legal, medical and therapeutic consultations and counselling (psychologist, pedagogy specialist, social worker, legal adviser, doctor, therapist)  educational consultations, teaching harm-free educational methods

45  group sessions for adults and children  interdisciplinary teams  socializing and integrational meetings  educational and therapeutic trips  isolation of victims from the abuser (e.g. a hostel, protected flats).

46 Sheltering in a hostel and support from the Centre is provided to the victims of domestic violence also from outside the city of Chorzów. The hostel provides shelter to people for a period of 3 months, however in justified cases this period is extended. Female inhabitants of Chorzów whose residence in the hostel has been extended, either stay in the hostel or are referred to protected flats.

47 The hostel provides free of charge shelter and basic hygiene products, clothing and food are ensured to its residents. Hot meals are served in the bar area outside the Centre.

48 The Centre cooperates with other institutions and organisations providing support, such as: Social Welfare Centre, Family Support Centre, Police, Prosecutor’s Office, court, probation officers and schools, nursery schools, counselling services, Municipal Office, State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems, centres for treatment of addictions, children’s homes.


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