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Miljen Matijašević Office: G10, room 6 (1st floor) Tue, 15:30-16:30.

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1 Miljen Matijašević E-mail: Office: G10, room 6 (1st floor) Tue, 15:30-16:30

2 Today’s session 1. Revision of the last session 2. Disabled People

3 Social Care and Community Work Questions

4 1. What is the definition of social work? 2. What is empowerment? 3. Name and comment on some professions in the area of social work! 4. Name some values of social work! Revision – Social Work

5 1. What do you know about the scope of social work in Europe? 2. What are social workers usually involved in in the UK? 3. What does a school social worker do? 4. What is statutory social work? 5. What specialist social work positions have developed in Germany and France and why? Social Support Services in Europe

6 Questions In schools, social workers often serve as the link between students' families and the school (1). They work with parents, guardians, teachers, and other school officials (2) to ensure that students reach their academic and personal potential (3). They also assist students (4) in dealing with stress or emotional (5) problems. Many school social workers (6) work directly with children with disabilities and their families.

7 Questions 1. What do social workers often serve as? 2. Who do they work with? 3. What do they ensure that students reach? 4. Who do they also assist? 5. What kind of problems do students deal with? 6. Who works directly with children with disabilites and their families?

8 Questions In addition, they address problems such as misbehavior, truancy, teenage pregnancy, and drug and alcohol problems (7). They advise teachers on how to cope with difficult students (8). School social workers may teach workshops (9) to entire classes (10) on topics like conflict resolution (11).

9 Questions 7. What problems do they address? 8. What do they advise teachers on? 9. What may they do? 10. Who may they teach workshops to? 11. What kind of topics may they teach workshops on?

10 Unit 6

11 Disabled People DISABILITY impairment in body structure or function difficulty in completing certain tasks limitation in the social functioning of the individual physical/mental and social aspects DISABLED PEOPLE v. PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES

12 Disabled People TYPES OF DISABILITY physical sensory (visual, hearing impairments, etc.) intellectual mental and emotional pervasive developmental disorders (e.g. autism) developmental

13 Disabled People TYPES OF DISABILITY congenital one with which the person is born acquired resulting from illness or injury

14 Disabled People WHAT CAN BE AFFECTED BY THE DISABILITY: learning abilities communication physical mobility, self-care, domestic life social life employment etc.

15 Disabled People MEDICAL POINT OF VIEW seen as a medical problem oriented towards managing the disability and finding a cure/treatment SOCIAL WORK POINT OF VIEW seen as a social problem oriented towards the integration of the disabled person in the society social inclusion

16 Disabled People in Britain Read paragraph 1 of the text on page 57 What are the statistics regarding people with disabilities in Britain? Where do some of them live? What sort of social services are provided for these people? What is respite care?

17 Disabled People in Britain Read paragraphs 2&3 What is the task of the local social services? What is specially-designed housing? What is the purpose of home adaptations?

18 Disabled People in Britain HOUSING ADAPTATIONS local social services provide both financial and advisory assistance in implementing housing adaptations depending on the financial situation of the applicant, both refundable and non-refundable loans available referrals to home improvement agencies and contractors

19 Disabled People in Britain EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE Job Centres – provide services for the disabled job orientation and assessment of abilities, skills and knowledge Disability Employment Adviser Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) facilitates finding a job

20 Disabled People in Britain The Disability Employment Adviser: points out the benefits of being employed helps focus on the person’s ability to work helps work out a personal action plan in order to find a desirable job tells the person about the (financial) support available presents available job opportunities matching their abilities and wishes

21 Disabled People in Britain DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT, 1995 Read the rest of the text Summarize the main points of the provisions cited in the text and elaborate on their application and importance Who has been responsible for the disability issues in the UK since 1997? Why is this change important?

22 Disabled People in Britain EQUALITY ACT, 2010 Provides protection for people with disabilities in the areas of: employment education access to goods, services and facilities buying and renting land or property functions of public bodies (e.g. issuing of licences)

23 Disabled People in Britain EQUALITY ACT, 2010 the Act also includes provisions protecting people connected to disabled persons against discrimination (e.g. carers, members of family)

24 Disabled People in Britain DEFINITION OF DISABILITY DEFINITION OF DISABILITY (under EQUALITY ACT) a person has a disability if: they have a physical or mental impairment the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to perform day-to-day activities persons with progressive diseases also included (cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV) excludes people with addictions to non-prescribed substances

25 Disabled People in Croatia Read and translate the text on p. 59 Do the exercise on p. 61

26 Thank you for your attention!

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