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Legal framework in the field of youth in Estonia Estonian National Youth Council Tampere, 24.08.2011.

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1 Legal framework in the field of youth in Estonia Estonian National Youth Council Tampere, 24.08.2011

2 Main laws and strategy Youth Work Act Hobby Schools Act Juvenile Sanctions Act Youth Work Strategy 2006- 2013

3 Youth Work Act Provides the legal bases for the organisation of youth work Defines “young person” as a person aged 7-26 years. Gives several definitions (youth work, youth organization, alliance of youth organizations, youth camp, youth council, youth project etc)

4 Youth Work Act Functions of Ministry of Education and Research, county governors, local governments Restriction on working with youth

5 Youth Work Act – definition of youth work Youth work is the creation of conditions to promote the diverse development of a young personality that enables youth to be active outside their families, formal education acquired within the adult education system and work on the basis of their free will.

6 Youth Work Act – principles of youth work 1)youth work is done for youth and with youth, involving them in the decision- making process; 2)the needs and interests of youth are considered upon creating conditions for obtaining knowledge and skills; 3)youth work is based on the participation and free will of youth; 4)youth work supports initiative by youth; 5)in youth work the principle of equal treatment, tolerance and partnership shall be followed.

7 Youth Work Act The following shall be supported from the state budget through the budget of the Ministry of Education and Research: 1) youth programmes and youth projects; 2) national programmes for developing youth work; 3) youth studies; 4) youth work agencies; 5) international cooperation in the field of youth work; 6) training youth workers; 7) youth work associations; 8) activities of youth organizations (annual grant).

8 Hobby Schools Act A hobby school is an educational establishment operating in the area of youth work which creates an opportunity for the acquisition of hobby education and for the diverse development of the personality, including cultivation of one’s own language and culture, in different areas of hobby education

9 Juvenile Sanctions Act provides sanctions applicable to minors and the competence of juvenile committees Sanctions: 1) warning; 2) sanctions concerning organisation of study; 3) referral to a psychologist, addiction specialist, social worker or other specialist for consultation; 4) conciliation; 5) an obligation to live with a parent, foster-parent, guardian or in a family with a caregiver or in a children’s home; 6) community service;7) surety; 8) participation in youth or social programs or rehabilitation service or medical treatment programs; 9) sending to schools for students with special needs.

10 Youth Work Strategy Consists of 2 parts – youth work and youth policy 2006 – 2013, adopted by the Government of the Republic youth policy – a more extensive area – unified approach to all activities targeted at young people in all areas concerning their life.

11 Youth Work Strategy

12 The main activity areas of youth policy where decisions concerning youth and young people’s life are to be made are youth work, education, employment, health, culture, social policy, environment, national defence, family policy, etc.

13 Youth Work Strategy The general goal of youth policy is to ensure youth participation in decision-making process and to take into account their interests and needs in all activity areas of youth policy.

14 Youth Work Strategy 1.The activities targeted at youth proceed from the state of youth and their actual needs. 2. Young people participate in decision- making processes and policy formulation that concern them. 3. Formulation, planning and implementation of integrated youth policy are executed in cooperation with different partners.

15 Thank you for your attention!

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