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1 Project No: LLP-LdV-TOI-2007-UK-065

2 Research Results

3 Stakeholder Research Sample - 184 persons

4 Stakeholder Sample - Gender

5 Stakeholder Sample – Experience of Disability None177 A specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia1 Blind or partially sighted3 Disability, special need or medical condition that is not listened2 Don’t answer 1 Stakeholder Sample - Disability VET: 184Adult and VET: 56

6 The stakeholders were asked to complete a 5 point scale to answer the questions; 5 = very often, 1 = never

7 Whole Class Activity Teaching/training methodMeanStandard deviationNumber of answers Question & Answer4.640.655184 White/blackboard4.470.952184 Lecture/Teacher/Trainer talk4.260.929184 Teacher/Trainer led whole class discussion 4.040.874184 Demonstration3.900.944183 Free Flowing whole class discussion 3.860.934184 Overhead projector3.271.363183 Notice board style displays2.981.079183 Watching a Video/Film2.641.014182 Large group role play2.521.185183

8 Small Group Activities Teaching/training methodMeanStandard deviationNumber of answers Student oral presentations individually3.561.00182 Practicals3.481.091182 Case studies3.441.141183 Small group assignments3.351.038182 Student led discussions3.321.065167 Games3.301.173169 Visits/Visitors3.241.091182 Small group discussions3.191.163183 Student oral presentation of groups3.160.943182 Debate3.121.101182 Guided discovery or what’s your theory3.031.186183 Small group role play3.011.043184 Buzz groups (informal brainstorming)2.721.506184 Card games2.591.245183 Drama/acting2.471.223173

9 Individual Activities (1) Teaching/training methodMean Standard deviation Number of answers Question & Answer4.270.917184 Worksheets or other individual work4.261.032184 Individual assignments4.171.058183 Homework/private study4.131.000184 Exam paper questions3.931.311184 End of year/course tests3.781.542184 Reading textbooks/journals etc3.781.14184 Regular tests3.521.418184 Library research/information Seeking3.391.201184 Student personal choice in an assignment3.351.060180 Demonstration3.351.237178 Use of the Internet/WWW etc3.341.322182 Case studies3.330.993184 Individually negotiated activities3.221.124183

10 Individual Activities (2) Teaching/training methodMean Standard deviation Number of answers Use of word-processing3.101.344182 Computer aided learning3.091.276182 Use of computerised spreadsheets3.081.354182 Self produced handouts3.031.534184 One-to-one teaching2.981.056184 Interviewing/surveys/questionnaires2.971.024182 Essay writing/formal reasoning2.911.311184 Experiments/investigations – “recipe” type2.851.061183 Experiments/investigations – “discovery” type2.831.176183 Pre-tests2.691.110184 Use of computerised databases2.341.258181 Commercially produced handouts2.271.348184 Use of computerised graphics/DTP2.161.218182

11 Number of Stakeholders who have taught students with disabilities

12 Stakeholders have experience of teaching students with the following disabilities:

13 Number of stakeholders who have made adjustments to practice to meet the needs of students with disabilities

14 The types of adjustments made:

15 The Stakeholders felt that the following activities would be easiest to change/adapt Teaching/training methodMeanStandard deviationNumber of answers Lecture/Teacher/Trainer talk4.330.970165 Question & Answer4.250.874167 White/blackboard4.200.967164 Teacher/Trainer led whole class discussion 4.160.899164 Demonstration4.111.006167 Free Flowing whole class discussion3.741.126165 Overhead projector3.471.182165 Watching a Video/Film3.360.878167 Notice board style displays3.031.200164

16 The stakeholders indicated which disabilities they would feel most confident supporting

17 Some of the differences between the partner countries: The level of achievement for people with disabilities The kind of support available for disabled students within educational institutions The kind of activities that teachers/trainers adopt in the classroom The belief that disabled students have in the educational system Teachers’ and trainers’ level of experience in teaching disabled students

18 Thank you

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