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Looking for the Green Horizon Responsible Aviation Conference in Manchester, 17 June 2011.

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1 Looking for the Green Horizon Responsible Aviation Conference in Manchester, 17 June 2011

2 Presentation Outline 1) Introduction & Overview 2) Environmental Categories 3) Airline Environmental Class Ratings 4) Airline Environmental Results (2010) 5) APEC Bio-Jetfuel Platform

3 Introduction & Overview

4 An Overview... Established in 2010 during the course of a research project at University of Waterloo in collaboration with Air Transat. Privately owned Canadian company. Head office based in Mississauga, ON. Our Mission: To address the ever-increasing growth in absolute emissions emitted by the aviation industry.

5 Our Services GREENHORIZON Aviation provides the following essential services to the airline industry: Official World Airline Environmental Rankings™ Airline Environmental Quality Certification program™ Airline Environmental Auditing™ Airline Environmental Quality Tracking™

6 Figure 1: Projections for Future Aviation Emissions ( IATA, 2009)

7 Environmental Categories


9 Daily Operational Activities Daily Operations of an airline consists of the following initiatives: Fuel Management Program Aircraft Weight Reduction incentives Flight Planning Optimization Greening on Board Ground Operations

10 Figure 3: Contributions of the Fuel Management System to Overall Cost Savings

11 Corporate Environmental Management Practices There are many creative opportunities for airline carriers to consider and implement into their corporate environmental management practices. Examples of corporate environmental management practices include: LEED EB Certification Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Management System

12 Corporate Policy/Strategic Planning Corporate Policies and Strategic Planning may or may not be articulated with IATA's four pillar strategic approach to achieving carbon-neutral growth. These may include: Fleet renewal Commute option program(s) Biofuels

13 Airline Environmental Class Ratings


15 ClassPercentage A<90 BBetween 80 to 89.9 CBetween 70 to 79.9 DBetween 60 to 69.9 EBetween 50 to 59.9 F>50

16 Alphanumeric Score explained 1)The alphabets provide readers information as to how ‘green' or ‘eco-friendly’ an airline is based solely on their Daily Operational Activities. 2)The numeric labels illustrates how sustainable an airline's environmental management practices and policies are as expressed in percentage.

17 Airline Environmental Results 2010

18 Daily Operational Activities (Europe)

19 Corporate Practices (Europe)

20 Corporate Policies/ Strategic Planning (Europe)

21 European Rankings (2010) RankAirlineAlphanumeric Score 1.Air FranceE69 2.British AirwaysE66 3.KLME65 4.LufthansaF74 5.Virgin AtlanticF57 6.FinnairF55 7.EasyjetF47 8.Aer LingusF44 9.AeroflotF44 10.AustrianF40

22 Rest of World For Rest of the World Airline Environmental Rankings, visit us at

23 APEC Bio-Jetfuel platform

24 Asia Pacific (APEC) Bio-Jetfuel platform -Partnership with Jatro Greentech Inc. to supply jatropha biofuel to the airline industry by 2014. -Main focus on the Asian market. -Production set to take place in September 2011 in Eastern Africa. -For more information, contact Christine Dicecco: or visit:

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