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Bringing business caliber

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1 Bringing business caliber
to the World

2 A Turn-key Platform for Telecom Operators and Carriers for:
Hosted PBX Virtual PBX Mobile App

3 Table of Contents p.1….Hosted PBX – Diagram p.2 - Description p.3 - User experience p.4 - User experience p.5 - Feature set p.6 ….Virtual PBX (part of the Hosted platform) – Diagram p.7 - Description p.8 - User experience and features p.9…. Mobile App (works with the Hosted platform) p.10..Technical – Diagram p.11 - Component functional description p.12 - Business case for distributed architecture p.13….Sales model

4 Mobex Multi-tenant Hosted PBX platform Customer A Public Customer B
Internet Fiber PSTN Cell SIP X 103 Customer B Fixed mobile, DSL Internet Internet X 101 X 102 p.1….Hosted PBX – Diagram X 103 X 104 Web manager

5 The Mobex multi-tenant hosted PBX offers companies the same high end features that a premise based PBX offers, and many more than a multi-line key set; all for a fraction of the traditional cost. There are no upfront capital costs, other than SIP phones, and the set up is easy to implement. With the Mobex cloud based PBX, the technology is adaptable and can be customized based on business needs. Companies can simply select the number of users, features, and functionality that they need. In no time, their business communications are ready to provide a professional and efficient service to their clients and customers. And, access to cloud-based solutions allows companies to grow seamlessly over time. Lower monthly costs come in the form of a per user model which grants companies the flexibility to select their cost according to their needs. These companies pay for what they use rather than for an entire system that traditionally is not fully utilized. In addition to lower costs, most companies will see an increase in features. Hosted PBX customers enjoy auto-attendant and IVR, conference calling, voic , call transfer, ring-groups, virtual assistants, and so much more. Furthermore, the Mobex hosted PBX can also provide additional capabilities that a standard PBX cannot. For example, since the PBX is hosted in the cloud, the ability to monitor calls from wherever the location may be, as well as the ability to integrate mobile apps are features many companies find appealing. p.2 - Description

6 Auto-Attendant – With their old phone system Piquant Restaurant was inundated with calls asking for their hours and location. With the Mobex Hosted PBX auto-attendant they are now able to give their callers a message offering them the option to press “1” for a recording of their restaurant hours, press “2” for their location, press “3” to make reservations, press “4” for take-out orders, press “5” for the office and more. Mobex has improved Piquant’s efficiency, so that employees do not answer calls that can be handled by a recording, and allowing them to know the purpose of each call they do answer; freeing their employees to focus on their work. All while giving their customers a better experience. Ring-Groups – Brandon Realty has a team of sales agents, another team of property managers and their general office staff. With Mobex the caller may indicate “Sales” and all sales agents’ phones will ring simultaneously. The first agent to pick up the call will get the potential sale. The caller may also choose to ring the property management group; here the calls are delivered sequentially, based upon a pre-chosen order. If the caller wants the office, first the receptionist’s phone rings, if not answered, then several other phones will ring and whomever is available will answer and help the caller. Time-of-day Routing - The Anvil Group never misses a call. During normal business hours incoming calls are simultaneously routed to a small group of administrators. After hours calls are automatically routed to an answering service. p.3 - User experience

7 Find me / Follow me – Lawn Techs is a small landscaping company
Find me / Follow me – Lawn Techs is a small landscaping company. They are often out of the office on jobs, but do not want to miss any calls. So, with Mobex Find me / Follow me, incoming calls are first routed to the office. If no one is in their office the calls are routed to company cell phones. Web Console - Osprey Construction has frequent incoming calls ringing to an attendant. The attendant uses the web console to monitor who in the office is on the phone and who is available to receive the call. The call is then transferred to the available party. Osprey also uses the web console to retrieve call detail records for billing certain clients for time on the phone. Mobile App - Truck Spotting is a small entrepreneurial company with no fixed office. They use the Mobex app as their business phone. Incoming calls are routed to their app, which works with either Wi-Fi or 3g as a second line; one that is a PBX extension. The company knows that incoming calls are not personal (cell) but business (mobile app). The employees are able to transfer calls between each other and their outbound calls reflect their company Caller ID. p.4 - User experience

8 p.5 - Feature set Auto Attendant Dial-By-Name Directory Ring Groups
Time-of-day Routing Find Me/Follow Me Mobile App Web Console Conferencing Voic Voic to Message Alerts (via ) Fax to Fax Server Multi-lingual Support Phone and App Provisioning SRTP and ZRTP Multiple Codecs Video Least Cost Routing Dial-By-Name Directory Call Intercept Page Eavesdrop Call Forwarding Call Block Call Queuing Call Park Call Center Features Custom Greetings and Messages Custom Music on Hold Call Logs Call Recording Live Call Transfer Hot Desk Do-not-disturb Dial-in Conference Bridge with Multiple Rooms p.5 - Feature set

9 Virtual PBX (part of the Hosted platform)
Customer A Public 2162xxxxxxx Mobex Multi-tenant Virtual PBX (part of the Hosted platform) PSTN Cell SIP 2162xxxxxxx Cell network 2162xxxxxxx Cell network Wi-Fi & 3G Customer B PSTN 2162xxxxxxx 2162xxxxxxx 2167xxxxxxx p.6…Virtual PBX – Diagram X 103

10 Mobex Virtual PBX is part of the Hosted PBX platform
Mobex Virtual PBX is part of the Hosted PBX platform. It addresses another market and method of using the platform. The Virtual PBX is a multi-tenant cloud phone system, with a focus on customers who predominantly use cell phones for their business. From the customer’s perspective there is no hardware to purchase or software to install. It's all online and seamlessly works with the customer’s mobile phone, home phone or mobile app. Perfect for entrepreneurs, and mobile companies. Incoming calls are routed to an auto-attendant. The caller is given a menu of choices and the call is then forwarded to the appropriate cell phone (or app). This gives small and mobile businesses a big company sound. The system will work across multiple end devices. Calls are simply forwarded to whatever number the customer chooses. Features include auto-attendant, call screening, voice mail and voice mail to . p.7 - Description

11 Entrepreneurs – Shootrac is a start-up company with 3 partners, each working another “day” job. With Mobex they are given a professional sounding company number. When people call the Shootrac number an auto attendant answers asking the caller to choose “1” for sales, “2” for support and “3” for administration. Depending on the choice, the call is routed to one of the partners’ cell phones. Mobile Companies - The Pampered Plumber is a company that works out of their trucks. They have no office, but do not want to miss important potential sales or customers with problems. With Mobex, all their calls are answered and the caller chooses sales or support, with the call forwarded to the appropriate plumber. Independent Contractors – Sharma’s Contracting is a one person contractor, with no office. With Mobex, Sharma is able to give out a business phone number, rather than his cell phone number. This gives him the ability to separate business and personal calls. It also gives a more professional sound to incoming callers. Features include: Auto-Attendant, call screening, voice mail to , ring-groups, time of day routing, and find me/follow me. p.8 - User experience

12 The mobile app is designed to replace, or work in conjunction with, the desk top phone. It functions as an extension of the Hosted PBX platform and comes with all the features of a desk phone, coupled with the myriad of PBX features supplied by Mobex. Operates over Wi-Fi and 3g/4g Android and iOS supported Call waiting Call forwarding 3-way conferencing Integrated with the phone’s contacts Call history Supports multiple codecs Auto-provisioning p.9 - Mobile App

13 p.10..Technical – Diagram

14 p.11 – Component description
SIP Server - load balancer, end-point registrar, and SIP proxy for the SIP requests. Clients and carriers are pointed to two of the servers (the balancers.) When calls do not require an auto-attendant or IVR the media path is routed directly between the end point and carrier. Adding capacity is as easy as adding more SIP servers to the cluster. Media Server – carrier-grade media server and RTP proxy. Will provide IVR, voic , conference calling and all the other media services. Acts as a media proxy for RTP media when necessary for NAT traversal. PSTN/Cellular Gateway – Media server with TDM and/or cellular network hardware, connecting the cluster to PSTN via PRI circuits, GSM, CDMA etc. Messaging – message bus and text messaging. Web Applications Server – Provides a platform for building web services via API. CDR / Billing – Call detail record and billing server. User Portal – Provides the users with web access to their company and personal accounts. It also acts as SIP phone and mobile app auto-provisioning server. Database – Store all the information and configurations needed by the servers above. p.11 – Component description

15 p.12 - Business case for distributed architecture
The Mobex software can run on inexpensive hardware. Scaling is easy: simply add more servers (as needed) and add a few lines to the configuration files. Maintenance is easy: all data and cluster configuration is stored in redundant databases. In case of a hardware failure, replacing the hardware triggers a fast (automatic) reconfiguration process that restores functionality quickly. Distributed systems are better for VoIP: all servers do not need to be in the same location! The cluster can be engineered with distance to customers in mind, which can minimize jitter, delay, packet loss etc. Modular systems are easier to extend: the functions of each module can be accomplished by another platform providing the same functionality. Distributed systems are more robust: the probability of failure at all locations is lower than the probability of failure at one location. The system can be engineered with as much redundancy as desired, and the cost of this redundancy is considerably lower. p.12 - Business case for distributed architecture

16 Sales Model: p.13….Sales model Hosted Platform Sales:
The Hosted Platform will be sold for a one-off fee based upon the size and configuration of the customer’s needs. The expected initial sale will be from $250k to $750k. There will be an ongoing licensing fee of either $x per month per user or $x.x per minute of use. Optionally, for a fee, the company will also offer ongoing operation of the system. We anticipate additional sales from existing client growth. B2B Sales: The company will continue to offer B2B Hosted PBX service in the US. This provides a monthly revenue stream and will allow us to refine our Platform product offerings. p.13….Sales model

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