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Malta April 2009. Hospitals & Institutions Public Relations / Public Information.

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1 Malta April 2009

2 Hospitals & Institutions Public Relations / Public Information

3 PR / PI Panel Institutions : Hospitals, IRC (Integrated Response Center), Parent’s Associations, Schools…… Local Community PR/PI Actions PR/PI Actions together with H&I

4 PR/PI 12 Steps

5 1st Step Identification Identify the activity: outside the Fellowship (Institutions, Community…); inside the Fellowship (Groups, Subcommittees…) Objective of the action: Target (technicians, community members, police force…); Goal (to inform and demistify) Note: If the target are addicts or potential addicts - include personal share.

6 2nd Step Planning Subcommittee: choose the trusted servants; prepare a written presentation; To guide and train the presentation; clearly define who does what; dates and times established in advance. Presentation day: pay attention to the visual presentation; be punctual; bring written information (leaflets, meeting list); turn off cell phones; meet standards of the institution..

7 3rd Step Introduction Present members Acknowledgments Explain the session: objective / time (1 hour) / format Ask: “ How many of you know NA? “

8 4th Step Presentation. Narcotics – terminology used for illegal substances in the 50’s. Anonymous – anonymity is one of our spiritual foundations and guarantees that all members are equal. NA is a program for all who suffers from the disease of addiction. Addiction – disease recognized by the WHO.

9 5th Step What is NA? A process of personal change through the 12 Steps (recovery); a set of guidelines to help personal recovery; 12 Traditions (to interact with society). Simple spiritual principles such as open mind, honesty, faith, good will and humility. AA Origin. Therapeutic value of an addict helping another addict / self-help groups. Meetings promote an atmosphere of recovery. Sharing of experiences in Recovery/atraction. NA Literature

10 6th Step NA in the World Present worldwide / global community. Universal and multi-cultural Organization. Founded in 1953. An exponential growth since the publication of The Basic Text in 1983. World level: present in 130 countries with more than 50.000 weekly meetings. Literature published in 15 languages.

11 7th Step NA in Malta First meeting in 1994 - Reappears in 2002 Presently 2 weekly meetings in Gozo and 6 weekly meetings in Malta. Our groups are organized volutarily by their members. Group/Area/Region; EDM We have a Public Relations subcommittee and a Translation subcommittee.

12 8th Step NA Statment There is no distinction of Drugs; Alcohol is a drug. Membership is free, there is no affiliation, do not pay fees or dues. NA is a non religious organization; We are not connected with any political, religious, or law enforcement groups, and are under no surveillance at any time Anyone may join us, regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, or lack of religion. We are fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions; We have no opinion on outside issues. We do not do prevention. NA is a nonprofit organization of public utility and it is recognized as such by many governments all over the world.

13 9th Step Cooperation with Professionals We are just one more resource in Your Community. All programmes are valid. Adicts may attend meetings even if they are still using. Medication under medical surveillhance are not an obstacule (substitution programme) We have no opinion on outside issues or on substitution programes. (it is important to understand that when a member express his personnal opinion is not reprsentative of NA orientation) NA helps and support the addict in his integration in the sociaty. Cooperation with professionals it is one objectif and the support is mutual, always in cooperation never in competition.

14 10th Step Contacts and Information flyers World Service Office : Service Office : WSO-Europe: BelgiumWSO-Europe: Belgium Mobil from the subcommitteesMobil from the subcommittees (if exists) Meeting list NA: A Resource in Your Community. Who, what, how and why.

15 11th Step FAQ – Questions & Answers Guide de questions. Answer shortly and objectively. Never express personal opinions. Do not share personnal experiences. Avoid NA “slang” Do not use street language or nicknames. Avoid feedback or suggestions. Respect time frame

16 12th Step Evaluation Analysis, discussion and reflexion over the activity. Positives points Negatives points Report your ASC and subcommittee Follow up activities: thnaks letter to the Institution; future contacts.

17 Thank you

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