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Mutual Aid, what it is and how it works

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1 Mutual Aid, what it is and how it works
Cambourne, Cambridge, 20th July, 2010 Recovery & Reintegration Conference

2 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
Overview Where are we now? What do we want? How do we get it? What’s our part in that? What is Mutual Aid, and how does it work Recovery & Reintegration Conference

3 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
“My bottom line is, are the services we commission & provide good enough for me? Would we use them? Are they good enough for my kids? If they’re not, they’re not good enough for anybody.” Mark Gilman (NTA, North West) Recovery & Reintegration Conference

4 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
Where are we now? Harm Reduction Agenda Focus on counting - not Accounting Clinical trials, in clinical settings - randomised controlled Performance outcomes based on people retained in treatment + waiting times When asked 80% want abstinence Approximately 80% in treatment on Methadone (a procedure, not a treatment) 50%+ top up their scripts, and most are not happy where they are Most current treatment focussed on the problem - not the solution System seems almost deliberately obstructive to the process of change Recovery & Reintegration Conference

5 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
Where are we now? Most drug users - in or out of services - have never met anyone who used like they did and is now drug free Also true of many who work in the services Little or no understanding of peer led recovery Suspicion about Mutual Aid and “Fellowships” Recovery & Reintegration Conference

6 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
“We cannot change the nature of the addict or addiction. We can help to change the old lie “Once an addict, always an addict”, by striving to make recovery more available” NA Basic Text, Sixth Ed. 2008 Recovery & Reintegration Conference

7 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
What do we want? Recovery & Reintegration Acceptance of new ways to measure success Get people off the drugs that are causing them problems, out of treatment, and back into society People can find acceptable Recovery models in their own communities Recovery Oriented Integrated Systems Recovery & Reintegration Conference

8 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
How do we get it? Set our sights higher Re assess what we mean by a successful outcome Look for different ways to measure this ASK THE EXPERTS! In many ways, Recovery begins when treatment ends A process, not an event - a bridge to normal living More indigenous residential rehabs Huge improvement in outcomes, especially when connected to Mutual aid groups Create, develop and support local communities of recovering people Community based Mutual Aid Recovery Recovery & Reintegration Conference

9 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
What’s our part in that? Attend a local (open) Mutual Aid meetings and satisfy yourself that this works Invite them to your services to speak to staff and clients Host their meetings on your premises Find creative ways to “front load” Community based Peer Support into treatment 3,000+ Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings 800+ Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings 250+Cocaine Anonymous (CA) meetings 60+ Self Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meetings Intuitive Recovery Recovery & Reintegration Conference

10 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
What is Mutual Aid? Self referred Peer led support for those who want it People who are there, being helped by people who’ve been there Community based, with local meetings for local people Focus on individuals experience Free at point of use Non restrictive, in terms of age, race, belief system, class etc. Supports people with drug problems into, throughout, and beyond treatment A place for people who feel they have nowhere else to goß Recovery & Reintegration Conference

11 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
How does it work? Through power of identification Experience based model Learn from those who came before Simple self disclosure to a group or chosen individual Some, though not all require an acceptance of a Higher Power Recovery & Reintegration Conference

12 Recovery & Reintegration Conference. 20.07.2010
Contact details Narcotics Anonymous: Helpline: Alcoholics Anonymous: Helpline: SMART Recovery: Tel: Intuitive Recovery: Tel: Simon Jenkins Tel: Recovery & Reintegration Conference

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