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Insert photo here Successful Member Coaching & Supervision for Sub-Site Supervisors.

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1 Insert photo here Successful Member Coaching & Supervision for Sub-Site Supervisors

2 Agenda  VISTA training philosophy  Supervisor roles & responsibilities  Building relationships – key to success  Supervision – what is it?  Supervision activities  Coaching – what is it?  Coaching activities  Understanding civil rights for sites and VISTAs  Resources and help 2

3 VISTA Training Philosophy  Adult learning theory  Practical & relevant  Directly applicable skills  Based on needs, interests, and goals  Based on regular intervals and progressive knowledge acquisition  Values-based  Professional development in mind 3

4 Supervisor Roles 4 Intermediary Sponsor Your role is often called “project supervisor” or “project director.” You have the primary responsibility for management of the VISTA project, including reporting requirements, but the day-to-day responsibility of supervising VISTAs rests with sub- site supervisors. It is your job to inform sub-site supervisors of their responsibilities to both CNCS and the intermediary sponsoring organization.

5 Supervisor Roles (cont’d) 5 Single-site Supervisor If you are a single-site supervisor, you are in charge of all aspects of a VISTA project, including reporting and day-to-day management of VISTAs.

6 Supervisor Roles (cont’d) 6 Sub-site Supervisor You are responsible for day-to-day supervision and coaching of your VISTAs. You must notify the intermediary project supervisor immediately of any change in a VISTA's service status, including a VISTA leaving service early, a change of site address, etc. The sub-site supervisor also must immediately report any issues that develop regarding a VISTA's performance or conduct. Refer to your Memorandum of Understanding, your State Office, and CNCS for complete details of your supervision and legal responsibilities

7 Building Relationships  Productive relationships with supervisors are the #1 factor in VISTA retention and success  Cooperation is good: Enables someone to act more effectively by adjusting your activity  Collaboration is better: Working alongside someone to achieve something  Professional development requires deliberate relationship planning  Shared purpose  Shared power  Respect and trust  Shared control  Shared progress indicators 7

8 Elements of Supervision  Provide a supportive working environment  Professional  Welcoming  Empowering  Knowledge- and fact-based activity 8

9 Elements of Supervision  Assign activities that align with the VAD  Clearly stated purpose  Instructions as needed, but also allow independent action  Expectations set 9

10 Elements of Supervision (cont’d)  Provide support  Explain  Encourage  Listen  Give consistent feedback  Reassure  Validate  Meet regularly 10

11 Structuring Supervision Activities  Hold regularly scheduled meetings (weekly is best)  Communicate availability outside/between scheduled meetings  Partner with VISTA(s) in thinking about challenges and opportunities  Problem solve and coach (avoid directing activity) 11

12 Coaching 12 Coaching and supervision are related, but are NOT the same thing. Coaching is about performance, action, and strategies that lead to success. Coaching grows on the foundation of good supervision, and assumes VISTAs are:  Set up to succeed—and will  Ready to contribute ideas and effort  Prepared to work hard to achieve clear goals  Open to learning based on perceived value to your organization

13 Coaching Activities Improve performance  Assess current capabilities and map growth areas  Provide actionable feedback  Help identify various solutions to problems  Create a culture of continuous learning 13

14 Coaching Activities (cont’d) Open possibilities  Ask open-ended questions  Challenge VISTAs’ thinking  Supply additional information and resources  Allow for failure, reassessment, and growth 14

15 Coaching Activities (cont’d) Remove obstacles … when appropriate  Play an active role in clearing the way  Observe and be a sounding board to allow VISTAs to overcome problems on their own 15

16 Civil Rights & VISTAs 16 Civil rights is a cornerstone of VISTA work, and civil rights training is required of VISTA members and supervisors. Carry out your responsibilities equitably, and guide your VISTAs to adhere to and apply them when working in your community.

17 Civil Rights & VISTAs (cont’d) 17 You are the gatekeeper for civil rights: Take any indication or accusation of violations from your VISTA(s) seriously, and act on it accordingly and quickly.

18 Civil Rights: Discrimination Treating people differently because of who they are, where they’re from, or the groups they belong to. These groups include CNCS- identified protected classes:  Race, color, or national origin  Sex/gender  Disability (physical or mental)  Age  Religion  Political affiliation  Gender identity or expression  Sexual orientation 18

19 Civil Rights: Harassment In VISTA service, harassment is any severe and/or pervasive verbal or nonverbal communication relating to any of the protected classes, or any other non-merit factor, that interferes with performance and/or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. This includes but is not limited to:  Explicit or implicit demands for sexual favors  Pressure for one’s company  Unwelcome persistent contact  Distribution or display of offensive material  Offensive looks, gestures, physical encroachment, or threatening behavior 19

20 Resources and Help  VISTA Campus  VISTA Supervisors Manual  Webinars for Supervisors  Your State Office  Corporation for National and Community Service 20  National Service Knowledge Network  My AmeriCorps  VISTA Member Support Unit (VMSU)  Service Inclusion Act


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