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1 Orientation to the NY Curriculum Modules

2 Purpose of this Session Participants will be able to: Describe the structure and content of the NY HS ELA Curriculum Modules. Identify key design components and conceptual considerations. EngageNY.org2

3 How do the modules support a CCSS-aligned curriculum? The modules are tools that provide CCSS- aligned practices for unit and lesson design, instructional strategies, and assessments. Teachers have opportunities to implement or modify the curriculum according to their students’ needs. The design practices embedded in the modules are intended to be adapted to best meet the needs of individual districts, schools, and classrooms. EngageNY.org3

4 Materials in this Session EngageNY.org4 11.1 Module Overview 11.1.1 Lesson 1 You can download all of the modules on module-1

5 Key Design Considerations Instructional shifts Students doing the work of learning Lessons provide all students with a path to meet the standard(s) Students learn through doing EngageNY.org5

6 What Is a Module? Skim the module overview in your packet. As you review, try to find answers to the following questions: How many units are in this module? What are students supposed to be learning in this module? What is the focus of instruction? How long will this module take to teach? What are students reading? What are they writing? How is their learning assessed? EngageNY.org6

7 Module 11.1 at a Glance Texts:  Unit 1: “My Last Duchess,” Robert Browning  Unit 2: Excerpts from Hamlet, William Shakespeare  Unit 3: Excerpt from A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf Number of Lessons in Module:  42 (including Module Performance Assessment) EngageNY.org7

8 What’s in A Lesson? Notice and Wonder Form triads or quads at your tables. Review the sample lesson in your packet. Assign each person in your group one of the following questions: What do you notice about: 1)How students are learning to read closely and learn vocabulary? 2)How the lessons are structured? 3)How teachers are supported to implement the curriculum? EngageNY.org8

9 Q & A EngageNY.org9

10 CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT CIRCULATE Online Parking Lot Please go to institute-materials-may-13-16-2014 and select “Online Parking Lot” for any NYSED related questions. institute-materials-may-13-16-2014 Thank You!

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