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Estonian Engineer Battalion capabilities overview 11.10.20141.

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1 Estonian Engineer Battalion capabilities overview 11.10.20141

2 Organization 11.10.20142 2 3 1 HQ

3 Battalion main capabilities – Support INF BDE with mobility, countermobility, survivability and CBRN tasks in all operations. 11.10.20143


5 HQ and CSS coy capabilities: Provide BN HQ operating conditions Provide CSS for ENG Coy-s and CBRN Coy Conduct ENG recce with two teams simultaneously in BDE AOR. Support BDE operations with two mobile bridge systems.

6 2 x Engineer Company COM team 3 x ENG PLT HVY EQP PLT

7 Engineer Coy capabilities: 11.10.20147 Construct at least 3 obstacle groups in accordance with BDE battle plan in 24 hours. Conduct demolition works including operative – tactical level objects, such as harbours, airfields, rail- and automobile road junctions. Breach and clear minefields, UXO-s and objects prepared for demolitions. Construct field bridges for small river crossings and gaps. ( Conduct road construction and repair assignments. Support construction of Infantry, Field Artillery and Mortar positions. Construct deception objects IAW BDE battle plan.

8 Engineer Coy capabilities: 11.10.20148 Additional reserve tasks: Counter mobility tasks in BDE AOR in readiness on O+30min with ENG PLT sized units. Mobility tasks with 9 teams and 3 HWY EQP teams simultaneously in BDE AOR readiness on O+30min. Counter landing operations in BDE AOR with ENG coy sized unit on O+30min. INF defensive tasks to block up to BN sized OPFOR unit.

9 CBRN Coy capabilities: Conduct CBRN tests and recce. Decontamination tasks after exposure to CBN attacks or ROTA incidents. Water purification. 11.10.20149



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