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12/10/20141. Guy Platten Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) 12/10/20142 Hybrid Ferries – the opportunity for Scotland.

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1 12/10/20141

2 Guy Platten Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) 12/10/20142 Hybrid Ferries – the opportunity for Scotland

3 12/10/20143

4 Asset Management Fully operational for 3 years now Small highly skilled team – ‘lean but mean’ Infrastructure focus NOT operations Long term planning and sourcing funds Continuity and development of the asset base 12/10/20144 What is CMAL about?

5 Our business 31 Ferries (+1 under construction) Harbour Authority with responsibilities at 24 locations; –13 linkspan facilities; –11 slipways; Property arrangements at a further 9 ports; A number of small properties leased to local businesses. A range of port operating equipment across the network Pensions Brand 12/10/20145

6 Achievements – to name but a few.....!!! Pensions Largs Pier Comprehensive Maintenance Program for Ports Harbour Legislation Tackling backlog of large scale cyclical maintenance Harbour Safety Intranet Framework agreements for legal, civil engineering and other areas Grant Management Group Inspection programme for ships Project Management of new build Detailed specifications for innovative Hybrid Ferry and large ferry Small Ferries Project Port Ellen/Kennacraig Harbour Dues reform Long term plans Restructuring EU Ferries Review Financial Planning Business Development – e.g. Offshore Windfarms Advice to municipal and independent ports 12/10/20146

7 7

8 Vessels 12/10/20148

9 Challenges Ageing Fleet with average age now 20 years Need for significant investment and replacement programme (currently only one under construction) Recognition of fuel costs and need for alternative fuel sources (40 million litres consumed each year) Need to reduce CO2 emissions (100k tonnes emitted each year) 12/10/20149

10 Isle of Cumbrae 12/10/201410

11 Loch Shira 12/10/201411

12 Isle of Lewis 12/10/201412

13 Finlaggan 12/10/201413

14 New Design A – 116m overall length, 600 passengers, 143 Cars, 20 HGVs potentially for Stornoway – Ullapool route 12/10/201414

15 New Design A – Model Testing 12/10/201415

16 New Design B – 43.5m overall length, 150 passengers, 23 Cars, 2 HGVs 11 possible routes 12/10/201416

17 12/10/201417

18 Harbours and Piers 12/10/201418

19 Challenges facing Harbours and Piers Ageing Infrastructure – safe and functional; Ferries must continue to operate during rebuild or repair works; Regulatory and permissions framework:- –Legislation / HRO process; Environmental Impact; Community Involvement; Remote Island Locations; Designing for the future; Winter working.

20 12/10/201420

21 Capex Profile Assumed level of SG funding (£14.5m p.a.) 12/10/201421

22 12/10/201422

23 Next generation small ferries Stornoway Ullapool replacement Standardisation of Ports/Harbours Standardisation of Ferries Developing asset base beyond ferries Working with other agencies within and outwith Scotland – potentially wider role for CMAL 12/10/201423 Opportunities for the future

24 EU funded Small Ferries Project – Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland Looked at a number of routes across the regions and concluded that working together on a number of common designs and with joint procurement can produce significant benefits. Development of Hybrid Ferry design – Type B 12/10/201424 Next generation small ferries

25 12/10/201425 THANK YOU

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