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Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 1 A Christian and Jewish Joint Operation to Counter Arab/Muslim Attempts to Dismantle and Destroy the State of Israel.

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1 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 1 A Christian and Jewish Joint Operation to Counter Arab/Muslim Attempts to Dismantle and Destroy the State of Israel

2 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 2 The Maccabees Second Century BCE: Matitiyahu ben Yochanan HaCohen, thought to be a Jewish Priest, began a revolt against the Seleucid Empire, which subjugated Israel and defiled the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. After Matitiyahu’s death, his son Yehuda, known as Yehuda HaMakabi (meaning “Judah the Hammer”), lead his militia to victory over the oppressors. Yehuda and his followers cleansed and rededicated G-d’s Holy Temple and removed the pagan influence from the Land. Yehudah’s freedom fighters became known as “the Maccabees.” Twenty-first Century CE: Nothing new under the sun: Today, Christians and Jews unite to resist World Leaders who support Arab/Islamic aggression aimed at dissecting and destroying Israel and controlling G-d’s Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Maccabees of the Second Century BCE actively resisted the pagan rulers of their day, liberating Israel and restoring Jewish worship to the Holy Temple; so today the faithful are pressing forward under the banner of the Maccabbean Resistance supporting Israel in Her life-and-death struggle to maintain sovereignty over Her Biblical Inheritance, and to ultimately take Her place at the head of the nations, as the G-d of Reality has so Ordained.

3 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 3 Why Resistance? "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) Perhaps an over used quote, but to the point. Simply put, the need for resistance is so that evil will not triumph. Today Islam, in obedience to its false god is bent on global jihad and world domination. The most strategic battleground is Israel where the Land gave birth to all that Jews and Christians hold dear. Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, where G-d stated that His name would be known forever, is the epicenter of the war between G-dliness and evil in our era. The basic tenants of Islam do not allow for a Jewish State to exist, ever. Knocking on Heaven’s gates with the skulls of Zion’s sons is not a technique to obtain Middle East Peace. If Godly men and women do not make a stand against Islamic hegemony they will share in the guilt of the perpetrators on judgment day. Yehezqel/Ezekiel 33 is quite clear that if someone sees danger approaching and does not sound the alarm the blood of all who perish is squarely on that person’s head. Islam presents a clear and present danger to all G-d fearing Believers the World over. The need for a resistance to the policies of World Leaders who collaborate with the forces of Islam is genuine and immediate.

4 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 4 Resistance Objectives Mobilize Christian and Jewish Believers to rally in support of Israel, elevating public awareness to the plight of the Jewish Nation and demonstrating to our policy makers the need to align their efforts to the ambitions of their constituents. Demonstrate to Israelis that there are those among the Nations who support and encourage, in a real and tangible manner, their right to live and prosper in the Land promised to our father Abraham. Illustrate to the Arab/Muslim forces by our physical activity that Jews and Christians will not allow them to dismantle Israel. Combat, through counter-insurgence activities, the Islamic Revolution as it spreads its anti-Israel propaganda throughout the free world.

5 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 5 Resistance Methods 1.Christian and Jewish Believers form a unified front resisting the un-G-dly decrees of world governments. Give our policymakers no rest until they turn from the present course of enabling and supporting Islamic aggression. 2.Resistance Members rally to protest the actions of their respective governments, at all levels, and to encourage Israeli leaders not to compromise on their Biblical inheritance, the Jewish Heartland of Judea and Samaria. 3.Demonstrate in front of the White House every day of the week. Any Maccabee traveling through the DC area should take a sign, wearing a Resistance T-shirt, stand in front of the White House for an hour, more if you can. Use Maccabean Resistance Gear displaying the Resistance emblem so they will recognize that we are a united front. (continued)

6 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 6 Resistance Methods (continued) 4.Demonstrations should be held in front of the hometown office of Congressmen and Senators, In DC you may or may not get their attention, at their local office you WILL get their attention. 5.Visit your representatives, explain the Maccabean Resistance cause to them and gain their support. Express the need to cut off all funding, support for and dealings with the pLO. 6.Utilize genuine Maccabean Resistance signs and shirts with the Chanukkiah icon when representing the Resistance. By consistently using the same posters and shirts displaying the Chanukkiah icon it becomes obvious to our political leaders and the media that we are a unified front, and a serious voting block. (continued)

7 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 7 Resistance Methods (continued) 7.Speak to your Pastor or Rabbi, ask them to become involved in the Maccabean Resistance. 8.If you are a Pastor or Rabbi: speak to your congregation and other synagogue or church leaders about enlisting in the Maccabean Resistance. Hold joint pro- Israel rallies locally. Organize trips with other local Maccabean Ressistance Members to the White House for national rally events. As a spiritual leader in your community communicate with your local representatives and media. Write letters to the Editor of your local newspapers. 9.Provide the Maccabean Resistance with pictures or videos of rallies so they can be placed on our web site to encourage one another. (continued)

8 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 8 Resistance Methods (continued) 10.Write to the United States President and his Secretary of State asking them to stop pressuring Israel to surrender Her security and G-d’s Land for false hopes of peace. Encourage a strong stance in support of Israeli Sovereignty over all of the territory Sworn on Oath by G-d to Abraham. 11.Monitor your local media for stories about the so-called “peace process” and Resistance rallies. Report your findings to the Maccabean Resistance. 12.Periodic Maccabean Resistance tours to Israel to show our support of Israel and to strengthen the Faithful standing on the hills of Judea and Samaria. Visit Israeli political figures to encourage them, reassuring them that there are many among the Nations who support Israel. (continued)

9 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 9 Resistance Methods (continued) 13.Hold demonstrations at political rallies and debates, bring policies toward Israel to the forefront for all upcoming elections. Press the candidates to make known their stand on issues concerning Israel and how they plan to combat the Islamic Revolution. 14.International Maccabees: write the United States President to encourage him to stop his present course of action and become a blessing to Israel. If it is legal to do so in your country, hold a rally in front of the United States Embassy. You can also rally in front of the Israeli Embassy to encourage Israelis. Advocate that your heads of state be a blessing to Israel. Utilize the genuine Maccabean Resistance signs and shirts with the Chanukkiah emblem so it will be recognized that we are a unified front world wide.

10 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 10 Boots on the Ground Boots on the ground cannot be replaced when attempting to convey the seriousness of an issue. If your heart and mind do not motivate your feet to get out and do something then all the words in the world will never convince anyone of your cause. Yeshua told a parable about the man who had unexpected houseguests late at night and needed bread to feed them. The man went to the baker and found that the bakery had closed for the night. The man pounded on the door of the bakery until the baker answered. Several times the Baker told the man to go away. The man would not take no for an answer and persisted pounding on the door asking the Baker to open his shop and sell him some bread. Finally the Baker complied and told the man that only because of his persistence would he sell him the bread. What would have been the result if the man only called or wrote a letter or sent an email asking for the Baker to open his shop late at night? The man’s guests would have gone hungry. Politicians will continue their course until they see the hearts of their constituents motivating them to action.

11 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 11 the Channukia The Channukia represents the Maccabean victory over pagan occupation of G-d’s Holy Temple in Jerusalem, 164 BCE. The double-edge sword replacing the wick in each cup represents the Word of G-d. The fire emerging from each cup represents Divine Sanctification and Anointing.

12 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 12 Resistance gear Informational reports for handing out at events (they also provide excellent talking points for media interviews) Posters and banners - download and print from letter size to large banners Pre-prepared faxable pages to send to political leaders Maccabean Resistance T-Shirts Maccabean Resistance Caps Resistance Gear with the Chanukkiah icon provide world wide recognition of Maccabean Resistance activities and rallies Resistance Gear is available online so members will be ready for action:

13 Copyright Maccabean Resistance 2008 13 Sample Resistance Gear Posters: Posters can be printed double sided, maximizing the message. As a.pdf file they can be printed on plain letter sized paper for use as a fax. Side A 32” X 24” Side A 24” X 18”Side B 24” X 18” Shirts & Hats: Side B 32” X 24”


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