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(1) Ensemble Face-to-Face Villanova, 2010-05-2[12]

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1 (1) Ensemble Face-to-Face Villanova, [12]

2 Rewards or, “How to architect the right carrot…” They will come… (and return again and again, forming an active, thriving community) Dan Garcia “Cal TECH” UC Berkeley

3 (3) Ensemble Face-to-Face Villanova, [12]  Basic, simple design  Actions generate points in different categories  Badges based on expressions of points  …can time out  …can be earned multiple times (count)  …must have consistent look & feel  …have completion % (fill in tunnel) Design done, graphic design in progress… First draft up this summer…

4 (4) Ensemble Face-to-Face Villanova, [12]  Recruited Luke Segars from Clemson as the perfect person to make this happen  Starts MS project at UC Berkeley this Fall  His task will be to make Badges a success, monitor it, tune it, etc.  “Ball of energy”  Traveling in Europe now It’s all about the people…

5 Ensemble Face-to-Face Villanova, [12] (5) Ensemble Badge Demo

6 TECH Technology that Educators of Computing Hail website Dan Garcia “Cal TECH” UC Berkeley Excited about using this collection to drive a community of educators interested in contributing and commenting / rating / tagging the technology they use!

7 Ensemble Face-to-Face Villanova, [12] (7) Grand Vision

8 (8) Ensemble Face-to-Face Villanova, [12]  Plone site raw html  No database or structure to the original  Import  Decided to make Drupal pages rather than stuff into Fedora  Still getting kinks out of Drupal import  Design  Initial b/w design for custom drupal site Export done, import & design in progress… First draft up this summer…

9 Forums Can we tie them to ? Dan Garcia “Cal TECH” UC Berkeley William Li (of Cal TECH) recently ed that he may have made the connection from forums- ! to list shows up on forum. Post to forum shows up on list…

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