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Drupal in 5mins BarCamp Hong Kong 2010 By Edison Wong PantaRei Design Limited

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1 Drupal in 5mins BarCamp Hong Kong 2010 By Edison Wong PantaRei Design Limited

2 Welcome Why I should be here? Learn a Web2.0 CMS in 5mins. Who are you? Edison Wong, a Drupal contributor since 2005. Focus on database abstraction layer, module development and theme contribution. What is PantaRei Design? Druapl Development, Support and Maintenance.

3 Outline What is Drupal? (5mins) Most Popular Modules (5mins) Drupal 6.x Demo Installation (5mins) New Site for Dummy (5mins) Drupal 7 New Features Review (5mins) I Need More Help!! (5mins) Q&A

4 What is Drupal? Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS). Open-source software distributed with GPL. To easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website.







11 Most Popular Modules CCK + Views + Panels CCKViewsPanels Image + ImageCache + Image Assist ImageImageCacheImage Assist WYSIWYG + IMCE WYSIWYGIMCE … and so on

12 Most Popular Modules (cont.) Content Construction Kit (CCK) Allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser. Views Provides a flexible method to control how lists and tables of content Panels To create customized layouts for multiple uses

13 Most Popular Modules (cont.) Image Allows you to upload images using a web browser. ImageCache Allows you to setup presets for image processing, and generate derivative on-the-fly Image Assist Allow user to upload and insert images inline into content with image browser

14 Most Popular Modules (cont.) WYSIWYG Allows to use client-side editors to edit content, formatting content layout without indeed HTML knowledge. IMCE Plugin for WYSIWYG as another fancy and powerful image/file browser

15 Drupal 6.x Demo Installation Source phpMyAdmin Start Installation Wait for 5mins... Done!!







22 New Site for Dummy Change theme Change logo Create primary menu New Welcome Page Create Contact Us page

23 New Site for Dummy (cont.) Thank you for your interest in PantaRei Design. Feel free to contact us via the channels listed below. Contact PantaRei Design Sales Learn more about PantaRei Design's offerings. Phone: (852) 9853 0636 Email: Online: Sales Inquiries Other Inquiries General Inquiries Employment Inquiries Office Address PantaRei Design, Ltd. G/F, 29 Java Road North Point, Hong Kong View Larger Map

24 Drupal 7 New Features Review Better performance. Build-in with a lot of useful 3 rd parties. Upload and install module/theme from web UI. Highly integrated with CCK, Views, Images. … and so on.

25 I Need More Help!! Web: Email: IRC: #drupal #drupal-contribute

26 I need More Help!! (cont.) Contact Us

27 Q&A

28 Thank you :D

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