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2013 Calendar Year-End Checklist Revised December 2013.

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1 2013 Calendar Year-End Checklist Revised December 2013

2 Month-End Closing Complete all work to be included in the month of December 2013. Balance & run reports for month end closing as you normally do (but do not run ADJUST yet!) See Link: USAS Month End.pdfUSAS Month End.pdf Examine recommended reports to ensure you are in balance USAEMSEDT – Option 1 – Enter Cash Rec totals (optional) PODETL BALCHK MTD, FTD, YTD expended amounts are identical MTD, FTD, YTD received amounts are identical Outstanding encumbered amount agrees with outstanding PODETL encumbered amount. If they don’t, run FIXENC. Run FINSUMM selecting “Y” to generate FINDET at the same time. The current fund balances should be identical on each report. 2

3 Month-End Closing SM12 is optional. Run SM2CALC option first if running SM2 prior to ADJUST (the SM2 will auto-calc when ADJUST is run). View ACTSCN/CASHSCN- ‘Include on SM1/SM2’ flag will only be modifiable if the cash account is in the '002' fund with a '9xxx' special cost center All other cash accounts will display a Y or N to indicate whether or not this fund is included Any budget or revenue accounts in the 002 fund with an 8001 special cost center are also included on the SM1/SM2 3

4 Month-End Closing RCNCLE: Run a check register - CHECKS or CHKREG Reconcile checks minimally through 6/30/13, if not already done Checks must be reconciled thru June 2013 before MDECA runs the purge 4

5 Calendar Year-End Closing VALACT: Accounts Validation Program Note: Please do not rely on State Software to be 100% up to date on invalid funds/functions etc. Run VALACT at CY End to ensure no valid accts. exist so there’s not so much to fix at FY End Fatals should be addressed Warnings on required SUBJ or IL should be reviewed & corrected if appropriate (but can usually be ignored) Warnings for invalid accts. with zero amounts can be ignored Fatals on EMIS fund categories should be resolved, & warnings considered. See Link: VALACT.TXTVALACT.TXT Review AOS USAS Manual Appendix A for latest changes from Spring 2013. See Link: Appendix AAppendix A Note – Spring 2013 invalid codes will be removed from the software with the December release and will appear on VALACT. ACTCHG (Change account codes). To change invalid accounts to valid accounts FNDCHG Used to collapse invalid funds to new funds not currently in system Account Corrections - See Link: ACTCHG & FNDCHG.pdfACTCHG & FNDCHG.pdf 5

6 Calendar Year-End Closing ** ADMOLD ** When the above steps are completed, go to USAS_LCL/CPY2ADMOLD and copy your USAS files to the backup directory (ADMOLD) This step can only be run once – contact MDECA to re-run if necessary *DO NOT RUN ADJUST UNTIL AFTER THE ADMOLD BACKUP DIRECTORY HAS BEEN CREATED AND VERIFIED* From this point on, some steps are done in the current directory, and some are done in the ADMOLD backup directory After running the CPY2ADMOLD program, log out of current in Reflections and log into ADMOLD ADMOLD username will be xxadmold (xx = your 2 digit district abbreviation) If payroll already created ADMOLD for USPS, then they set the password and you will need to get it from them. If not, the password will be xx_treas Compare a report from current to a report run in ADMOLD to verify the backup has good data Once data is verified, log out of ADMOLD and log back into your current directory (CTRL- F3 to restore screen to white – or click Setup/Display and uncheck Inverse Video) 6

7 Calendar Year-End Closing ** CURRENT ** The following should be run from your district’s CURRENT directory Run VENHIRE/VHRESET If using VENHIRE, run the VHRESET option to Reset all vendors flagged as “Reported” to “Reportable” Vendor will be reported again the next year if they are paid at least $2,500 7

8 Month-End ADJUST ** CURRENT ** Run ADJUST and select “month-end” You must NOT be running any other programs during this process. 8

9 Calendar Year-End ADJUST ** CURRENT ** Run ADJUST and select Option 2: Year End Processing Then type in “C” for Calendar You must NOT be running any other programs during this process. MonthlyCD will auto-create Verify reports are viewable on MonthlyCD – notify MDECA if reports do not appear within a few minutes Note – When CY End ADJUST is run it will duplicate Dec. reports and place them on Jan. MonthlyCD – please ignore. Actual Jan. totals will overwrite them when Jan. is closed. 9

10 Calendar Year-End Closing ** CURRENT ** Verify that MTD/YTD totals are 0 Run BALCHK to check balances You may now begin January 2013 USAS processing in current 10

11 1099 Processing ** ADMOLD ** Please log into your ADMOLD directory for all 1099 processing You will have an xxadmold directory in Reflections to run reports You will also have an xxadmold directory in USASWeb for vendor clean up etc. Make sure you choose ADMOLD from the drop down menu after signing into USASWeb with your ADMOLD username & password to avoid being logged into current If making changes to amounts, please contact MDECA. The current directory may also need to be changed or fund balances will be incorrect. 11

12 Vendor Names **ADMOLD ** If the vendor uses a different name for 1099 reporting, the district may enter the 1099 reportable name on the “2 nd Name” field. Enter the digits 1099: followed by the IRS- 1099 name. The F1099 program will strip off the “1099:” and use the name following it as the primary name on the 1099 reporting form and submission file 12

13 13 To display the individual’s name on the 1099 but keep the business name as the first name on the PO, you can enter 1099:individual’s name on the 2 nd name field of the vendor record. 1099 will display: KARA JONES 123 MAIN STREET SAMPLEVILLE, OH 55555 13

14 VENSSN – Verify 1099 Data ** ADMOLD** Run USAS_DTR/USAS_DTROT/VENSSN Check Data for 1099 Vendors VENSSN Option 4 or 6 Review carefully! 14

15 VENSSN - Verify 1099 Vendors ** ADMOLD ** Check that all vendors that should be are flagged VENSSN Option 5 Review list for any vendors that should get 1099 15

16 16

17 VENSSN - Verify 1099 Vendors ** ADMOLD ** Other good reports to run for vendor verification are: USAS_LCL/VENDORS/VE1099 USAS_RPT/F1099 (N to create tape file) *The IRS requires that you send a 1099 for payments greater than $599.99 for the year to attorneys (Reminder: All 1099 reports can be run and checked throughout the year.) 17

18 VENSSN - Verify 1099 Vendors ** ADMOLD ** Based on report results, changes can be made in the USASWeb vendor screens The override field may be marked on individual vendor screens if you would like 1099’s to print for all monies earned, even if under the $600 threshold After making necessary changes, continue to run above reports until all vendors are correct 18

19 1099 Processing ** ADMOLD** Run the F1099 program which creates 1099s for the 2013 calendar year Input Y to create the tape file – by creating a tape file you are designating that you are ready for MDECA to submit your 1099 info to the IRS 19 2013

20 1099 Processing ** ADMOLD ** Upon completion, the F1099 program generates the following: F1099.TXT – report of 1099 vendors sorted by miscellaneous income type F1099.DAT – file containing the 1099 data that is to be used with laser-generated forms F1099.FRM – file containing vendor 1099 information to be printed on blank pin-fed 1099 forms F1099.TAP – tape file containing the vendor 1099 information to be sent to the IRS Review the F1099.TXT report carefully 20

21 1099 Printing Procedures ** ADMOLD ** Notify MDECA that forms are ready to be printed and data submitted to the IRS Email (Our receptionist Teri Willhoite does the physical 1099 printing and sealing) Carbon copy & We take the F1099.DAT file and use it with the EDGE software to generate 1099 forms to print on self-sealing 1099-MISC laser forms You will be notified by Teri via email when your 1099 forms are ready to be picked up Reminder: 1099’s do not write to MonthlyCD so you’ll need to keep physical copies See Link: 1099 Frequently Asked Questions.pdf1099 Frequently Asked Questions.pdf. 21

22 1099 Printing Procedures ** ADMOLD ** *** DEADLINE FOR PRINTING 1099’S IS JANUARY 31, 2014. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! *** If you have questions during this process please enter a Helpdesk ticket so we can respond as quickly as possible. 22

23 WORKCOMP ** ADMOLD ** Run USAS_LCL/WORKCOMP Collect totals from the final W2REPT Enter the total gross from the 001 federal taxes Compute taxable gross by taking total gross less dep. care, 457’s, and section 125 plans Enter your BWC % Rate OR To balance with expenditures: Run BUDSUM choosing Y to obtain CY YTD expenditures Restrict to obj. 1** only You may also need to run BUDLED restricted to obj. 1** to look for reimbursements, sub-repayments, or manual changes to 1** obj., excluding payroll and LEVPRO This report is due at BWC by 5/15/14. See Link: Workcomp.pdfWorkcomp.pdf 23

24 Calendar Year End ** ADMOLD ** Create Report CD’s Any TXT reports can be converted to PDF format and placed on CD. Run EMAIL_PDF to convert.txt to.pdf and have the report auto emailed to you Save.pdf reports to a folder on your computer and then burn them to a CD If you would like MDECA to do this for you, enter a ticket with the names of reports needed. CD can be picked up at MDECA when ready 24

25 QUESTIONS? 25 Have a very safe and happy holiday season!

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