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1 Canadian Points of View Reference Centre Tutorial

2 Welcome to EBSCO’s Canadian Points of View Reference Centre (POV) tutorial. Canadian POV is a full text database that provides users with a series of essays that present multiple sides of current Canadian- themed issues. In this tutorial you will learn about key interface features such as browsing by category, advanced searching and accessing helpful research tools in the How to section.

3 To begin, you can either enter a search term in the Find field or use the Browse by Category menu to search for articles in some of the more popular topics in Canadian POV. We’ll begin by clicking on the category Environment revealing all of the related topics in the category.

4 All of the related topics under Environment are displayed. If you do not see your desired topic, click View All Topics to search through the entire list of categories available. For now, click on Renewable Energy.

5 The Points of View results tab is the default document type displayed. Under this tab, Point and Counterpoint articles about the subject are listed as well as an Overview and a Guide to Critical Analysis. When other articles are available, you will be able to view them under one of the other document type tabs, such as All Results, Canadian Magazines and Canadian Newspapers. Here, we see the available Points of View articles for Renewable Energy displayed. To read an article, click on the article title or on HTML full text.

6 From the article citation, you can print, e-mail, save or export the article. You can also save it to your personal folder by clicking Add to Folder.

7 The Guide to Critical Analysis for each controversial topic discusses criteria in understanding the issue, and also presents exercises such as debate or a critical essay that help the reader further analyze the subject. Next, we'll look at performing an advanced search in Canadian POV. Click on the Canadian Points of View icon to return to the home screen.

8 To perform a keyword search using limiters, click the Advanced Search link above the Find field.

9 Enter your search term in the Find field and select the limiters you would like to apply to your search. We'll enter the term Global Warming into the Find field and then select Points of View, Canadian Newspapers and Videos as the Document Types to be returned. Let's also add a publication date range of January 2003 to December 2007. Click Search.

10 Canadian POV executes the search and returns all relevant results. You can also search the database by the name of a Publication. To search by Publication, click the Publications link found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

11 You can search by entering a publication name into the Find field or by browsing the publications using the A - Z links. Next we'll look at Research Guides. Click on the Canadian Points of View logo in the upper left hand corner to return to the home screen.

12 The How to section features articles that assist with various stages of your research. Clicking on a topic will display a link to a Canadian POV article with information to assist you in your research. For now, let's click on Write a Thesis Statement.

13 Clicking on the full text of this article will display a helpful explanation of a thesis statement with tips on how to create an effective one.

14 HELP: At any time during your session, you can click on the Help link to view the complete online Help system, and visit our Support Site to browse our Knowledge Base of FAQs, download Help Sheets, User Guides, and tutorials, or see what’s new in our Top Stories. This concludes the Canadian Points of View Reference Centre tutorial.

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