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“A Rose by Any Other Name...” What EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE Looks Like Across Xi State.

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1 “A Rose by Any Other Name...” What EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE Looks Like Across Xi State

2 Excellence Educational Excellence Committee International Xi State Your Chapter 2

3 Program Chair=EEC Committee structure at International changed in 2010 Program of Work was replaced by Educational Excellence Committee (EEC) 3

4 4 Educational Excellence Committee Focuses on Programs and Projects that have been identified by International Replaces program manual or guide Advances the mission of the Society Embraces the vision of the Society

5 What the Constitution* Says The committee (international) is composed of 13 members: 2 from each region, a chair, the NGO representative and a music representative. Ex officio members are the international president and membership services administrator. The committee may function as a whole and in smaller groups to accomplish its responsibilities *Constitution, Article VIII, Section C.1. 5

6 What the Constitution Says The committee shall promote programs and projects for excellence in education identify long-term an short-term programs and projects that focus on topics adopted by the Society, and shall transmit suggestions for study and action to state organizations and chapters. support programs of action that promote the personal well-being, intellectual growth, and global awareness of women educators. encourage a focus on the arts at international conventions. 6

7 What the Constitution Says The committee shall develop strategies to enable chapters to encourage members to become leaders. encourage states and chapters to participate in programs that promote professional growth of women educators study and recommend action on professional issues and urge state organizations to initiate, endorse, and support desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interest of education and women educators. plan a training session preceding regional conferences for incoming state organization educational excellence chairs. 7

8 New EEC Goals 1.Advance Excellence in Education 2.Empower Women 3.Increase Global Awareness 8

9 How do State Organizations and Chapters transition from Program of Work Committees to Educational Excellence? 9

10 Remember! State organizations and chapters are not required to have the same named committees as has the international level. They are required to fulfill the work of those committees that apply to state organization and chapter levels. Key Idea: 10

11 Some Options: Keep same names/organization--incorporate new duties as necessary. Give current POW committees new names Have one Educational Excellence Committee with more members who work together in smaller groups to achieve the responsibilities and report back to the whole. Devise a totally unique plan that works for your particular state organization or chapter. 11

12 What Did Xi State Choose? Xi State Educational Excellence Committee – Gave it a narrower scope than International – Left Arts and Legislation as separate committees – Incorporated International Projects, Research, and Program of Work – Included the Music Representative – Intend for it to guide chapter programming 12

13 What Have TN Chapters Chosen? 8 Xi State Chapters list EEC as a committee in their most recent yearbooks Beta Zeta Theta Pi Phi Alpha Gamma Alpha Rho Beta Phi 13

14 What Have Chapters Done with EEC? 59 Xi State Chapters with EEC Support in 2012 32 for Schools for Africa and Support for Early Career Educators 54 for Professional Pride 51 for Educational Excellence 41 for Global Awareness 18 for the UN/DKG Connection 49 for Educational Law and Policy 384.5 hours of volunteer help to new teachers $3145.00 donated in mini-grants and EE scholarships 14

15 Reminder: Chapters will be asked again this coming year to report on their EEC activities. Chapter reports will be due February 1, 2014 Today’s presentation will be posted to the Xi State Website at Additional EEC program and project ideas from International will also be posted there and are available at Plan your chapter activities with EEC in mind 15

16 Remember, so long as the work of the Educational Excellence Committee is fulfilled, state organizations and chapters have great flexibility as to how the work is fulfilled. Key Idea: 16

17 EEC Program/Project Categories Advance excellence in education SEE Project Programs on "hot topics" in education Educational Law and Policy Pedagogical Research 17

18 Chapter Program/Project Ideas New-teacher shower, goody bags or boxes, mini-grants Speakers such as director of schools, board members, state department representatives, common core trainers. Legislative panel or symposium Programs on autism, flipped classroom, art therapy 18

19 EEC Program/Project Categories Research studies – by members pursing doctoral or masters degrees or those published by others in ed. literature Adopt-a-School projects (help Early Career Educators with bulletin boards, lesson plans, etc.) (help with library book fair, scenery for school play, etc.) (tutor) Support for a STEM Camp for girls 19

20 EEC Program/Project Categories Empower women Personal growth through lifelong learning Focus on the Arts Focus on community leadership Programs on professional pride Participation of all members 20

21 EEC Program/Project Categories Museum tours, art exhibits, theatrical performances Literacy projects, community fund-raisers Art or craft projects for all members Musical performance, holiday sing-a-long Game night Masquerade Ball Auction fundraiser ( silent or non) Fashion Show 21

22 EEC Program/Project Categories Pride in the Big Picture recruitment or orientation events Remembering or recognizing newest, oldest, 20-year or more, or retired members Women’s health speaker, panel, or symposium Tai Chi, self-defense, Internet safety Elevator speeches on why we became teachers 22

23 Increase global awareness Programs on global awareness (focus on member countries) DKG/UN relationship SFA Project 23 EEC Program/Project Categories

24 Food from other lands prepared by members or culinary students Little Dresses for Africa projects Decorations or meeting opener focusing on countries where DKG is located Schools for Africa program or monetary collection theme 24 EEC Program/Project Categories

25 Schools for Africa International Project Donations through UNICEF – 96 cents of each donated dollar goes to Schools for Africa. – $5 can provide 10 children with a pencil and an exercise book. – $10 = a learner kit for 1 student with bag, stationery, mini atlas, and math tables. – $60 = School in a bag with school supplies for 40 students and 1 teacher. – $100 = provides 100 children with sketch pad and crayons. – $250 = School in a box 25

26 Recycling or going green projects Educational systems in other countries Programs on social injustice, modern slavery, blood diamonds, suppression of women, etc. Role of DKG as non-governmental organizational member of the UN 26 EEC Program/Project Categories

27 Brag Basket fundraiser Member Spotlight EEC goal focus for every meeting Supplies for local abuse shelter Legal Recourse and Issues for Educators Mission Trip to another country Funding for an important program about to be cut by school system or local government 27 More ideas

28 Alpha Xi’s August luncheon for the staff of East Lake Elementary. Part of their yearlong support for the school and its staff 28

29 Alpha Rho’s Battle of the Coins Yearlong contest with three teams competing to fill their own containers with silver coins and the opposing teams’ containers with pennies. 29

30 Beta Zeta President June Silver with gift for international student studying at American University in Washington. 30

31 Beta Zeta members prepared gift boxes for new teachers and plan to do it again next year. 31

32 Beta Sigma hosted a Meet the New Director event for all school system employees. 32

33 New Director of Schools introduced teachers to his philosophy of education and answered questions. 33

34 Gave out door prizes and two cash awards to new teachers. 34

35 35 Now back to Shakespeare and that rose... Great EEC program and project ideas from chapters without an official Educational Excellence Committee. Of the chapters pictured, only one has an EEC committee Most chapters still use Program of Work structure Name of the committee is not the key

36 To paraphrase the Bard: 36 Educational Excellence by any other name would smell as sweet – and accomplish just as much in meeting our Society’s goals.

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