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Holocaust Webquest What does it look like and how does it start?

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1 Holocaust Webquest What does it look like and how does it start?

2 Introduction You have been picked to research what life was like during the Holocaust. You will be conducting research on children and adults who lived in Europe with a special emphasis in the years between 1933-1945. It is your job to discover how the holocaust effected the lives and cultures of these people.

3 Task You will need to collect data based on your research. You will be provided a worksheet with a list of questions that will help guide you in you research. You will also be provided notebook paper to record important information you have found for your research.

4 Background Here is a copy of the transcript from the video you have just watched for an introduction to the Holocaust.transcript Answer the questions on Part A of your worksheet using the transcript as a guide. Once you have answered all of the questions in Part A, you are now ready to do more research on what sparked the Holocaust.

5 Is RACE real? We know that the holocaust was fueled by hatred. Today, we are still seeing people killed, enslaved, or punished, because of their race. Where did this come from and is race a real thing? Click here and here to find out more about Now that you have researched about race, answer the questions in part B of your worksheet.

6 Causes You will explore this website to answer the questions in Part C of your You will need to check these subheadings: Boycott of Jewish Businesses, Nuremberg Race Laws, Night of Broken Glass, Anti-Semitism, Voyage of the St. Louis, and Locating the Victims. Now that you have completed Part C, you will need to look at what life was like who lived during this time.Boycott of Jewish BusinessesNuremberg Race LawsNight of Broken GlassAnti-Semitism Voyage of the St. LouisLocating the Victims

7 Life in the Ghettos We know that unimaginable numbers of people were murdered during the Holocaust. How was this possible? It started with rounding up people who were “different.” It led to the “different” ones being separated out and forced to abandon their old lives and be moved to new homes. Click here to read a brief introduction to what life was like in the ghettos for children of the Answer Part D of your worksheet.

8 Children To investigate personal stories from the Holocaust, you will need to visit this You will need to pick one child from the list to learn more about. Once you have read the story of your child, you will need to record their name, birthdate, birthplace, important facts about their life, and what ultimately happened to them in section E of your worksheet.

9 Holocaust ID You were given a name when you entered class. This is the name of a real person who lived during the Holocaust. Next, you will be filling out your ID cards based on the name you received. You will need to visit this website to research your selected You will find out who you were and what happened to you and record the information on your id badge on the back of your worksheet. We will be sharing your research with the class.

10 Timeline Research You will need to navigate this website to view two timelines about the Holocaust. Be sure to explore both the 1933-1939, as well as the 1939-1945 timelines, which can be navigated from the left hand In your notebook, label this section Timeline. You must record one important event listed from each year spanning from 1933-1945. Be sure to list the date as well as a brief explanation of what happened. Now you are ready to make your own holocaust timeline.

11 Timeline You will now make your own timeline. In this timeline, you must include some of the events and dates that you recorded in your notebook under the section “Timeline.” To make your timeline, you can visit this website to enter your recorded information to build your Visit the next slide for instructions on how to complete this timeline

12 Building a Digital Timeline To make this timeline, you will need to put your name. The project title should be “Holocaust Timeline” Next, click start Click on any point on the line to add a date Under label, add the date of the event Type what happened on this date in the short or long description box You must have a minimum of 5 important events for this timeline To submit, hit the finish button and then select “send email” Label the timeline with your name and send to my email listed on the board

13 Conclusion The Holocaust was a complicated time period that greatly impacted world culture. It impacted Jewish political, cultural, social, and religious life and resulted in the murder of 1.5 million Jewish children. It is important to study the Holocaust even today, because genocide and anti-Semitism still exist today. One way to combat these atrocities is to educate ourselves on past events.

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