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Slovenia - FMF EdReNe kick-off meeting Napoli, June 11-13, 2007.

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1 Slovenia - FMF EdReNe kick-off meeting Napoli, June 11-13, 2007

2 Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (FMF) Member of University of Ljubljana Strong connections with Ministry of Education and Sport –Slovenian Educational Network (SIO) –projects (Calibrate, e-learning, quality of ETM,...) Tradition in Computer Science –education of teachears of computer science and informatics –cooperation with Faculty of Computer and Information Science

3 Slovenia Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES) –development, operation and management of the communication and information network for education and research. Computer education in secondary schools started in 1972, and in elementary schools in 1984; Conferences –MIRK / SIRIKT ( –VIVID ( –DSI (

4 SIO Slovenian Education Network (SIO) –http://sio.edus.si –started in 1996; based on Trubar - a system of programs for Windows to build, search and maintain the catalogs –catalogs of educational materials, web sites, events, institutions and people –distribution of educational products –support for (self)education of teachers. Major portal and repository renovation –Mini project (along Calibrate) is already going on –Three year project (to be started) Planning phase

5 Why are we here Perhaps the rationale is best summarized in the last paragraph of Description of the issue: Each repository is facing more or less the same challenges, problems and issues. Through the joint effort of the network and the documentation and resources produced, repository owners will face less risk, make more informed choice and hopefully encounter fewer problems.

6 Some issues So we will not talk on already mentioned issues Perhaps some new ones we are confronting with: –History (archive) of resources As a teacher I want to use resource like it was at a certain time –Derivatives / versions searching

7 People Vladimir Batagelj Iztok Kavkler Matija Lokar Matjaž Zaveršnik

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