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Washington State Democratic Party

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1 Washington State Democratic Party
Caucus and Convention Training Video Jaxon Ravens – Executive Director

2 Video Outline The Goal of Caucuses and Conventions
The Caucus and Convention Cycle Definitions Timeline Materials Changes Since 2008

3 The Goal of Caucuses and Conventions
Allocate and Elect Delegates and Alternates Build and Mobilize the Democratic Party for the 2012 Elections. Introduce Resolutions from Democrats from across the State. To conduct highly organized, competent, calm and friendly caucuses and conventions.


5 Delegates and Alternates 121 Delegates and 9 Alternates
Congressional District Caucuses – 5/20 13 Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEO’s) State Convention – SCC LD – 6/3 23 At-Large Delegates and 9 Alternates 16 Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials +69 +13 +23 +16 =121

6 Definitions Jurisdictions Area Caucuses Precinct Caucuses
Caucus Jurisdiction Coordinator (CJC) Area Caucuses Area Caucus Coordinator (ACC) Precinct Caucuses Precinct Caucus Chairs (PCC) Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) Packets and Envelopes

7 Timeline Assign a Caucus Jurisdiction Coordinator NOW!
Identify Precinct Caucus Locations SPI Letter Insurance Accessible Find Area Caucus Coordinators Share your Information with the State Party Precinct Caucuses – Sunday, April 15, 2012 – 1:00pm

8 Materials Emails to County and Legislative District Chairs
Packet and Information for CJCs Packet and Information for ACCs Packet and Information for PCCs

9 Materials Precinct Caucus Envelopes
Information for the Precinct Caucus Chair Precinct Caucus Agenda Sign-in Sheets Donation Envelopes Delegate Allocation Worksheet and Chart Certificates of Election Surrogate Affidavit Forms Declaration of Candidacy Forms PCO Form

10 Changes Since 2008 Day of Registration No Proxy Voting
No Congressional District Alternates Selection of PLEOs and At-Large Delegates and Alternates Resolutions not Necessary in Precinct Caucus Minutes

11 Closing Remarks THANK YOU (206) 583-0664 Jaxon Ravens
Greg Haffner

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