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La Plaza of Vancouver, Washington.

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1 La Plaza of Vancouver, Washington

2 La Plaza La Plaza Latina y Zona Académica

3 Mission Statement Mission Statement: “La Plaza of Vancouver will ensure access to various educational opportunities and informational services for Latinos living in Vancouver, Washington that can change the lives of their current and future families.”

4 La Plaza Organization

5 Plaza Comunitaria Fort Vancouver High School
CONEVyT High School Science and Math Clark College ESL

6 Sarah J. Anderson CONEVyT Basic Ed. Certificates from Mexico
Online English Classes Literacy Classes Spanish literacy Dissemination of community services and information Clark College ESL

7 Schedule of Services Sarah J. Anderson
Monday Clark College ESL Homework Help & Tutoring Tuesday Basic Ed. Online English Courses Online Literacy Classes Wednesday Clark College Thursday Basic Ed. English Courses online

8 Opening Two Week Schedule
Tuesday 1/6/09 Open house informational night with refreshments and danzas internacionales Wednesday 1/7/09 Clark College ESL Thursday 1/8/09 CONEVyT Basic Ed. Certificates from Mexico Monday 1/12/09 Tuesday 1/13/09 Literacy Class Wednesday 1/14/09 Thursday 1/15/09 CONEVyT Online English Monday 1/19/09 No School Tuesday 1/20/09 All programs following normal schedules

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